Fixtures for the Norfolk Youth Football Combination for Sunday 29 November.

Fixtures for the Norfolk Youth Football Combination for Sunday 29 November below:

t Under 9's A

At Blofield

Diss V Taverham

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Blofield V Mulbarton

Taverham V Blofield

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Mulbarton V Hethersett

At Jex

Poringland V Scole

Jex V Poringland

At Sprowston

Firside V Rocklands

Wymondham V Firside

Sprowston V Wymondham

Rocklands V Sprowston

t Under 9's B

At Fakenham

Dereham V Toftwood

Toftwood V Fakenham

At Hillside

Lakeford V Old Catton

Hillside V Lakeford

At Spixworth

Drayton V Norwich United

Thorpe V Drayton

Spixworth V Thorpe

Norwich United V Spixworth

t Under 11's A

Dereham V Wymondham

Thorpe V Drayton

Taverham V Rocklands

Hethersett V Lakeford

Mulbarton V Old Catton

t Under 11's B

Costessey V Attleborough

Hellesdon V Blofield

Scole V Horsford

Poringland V Sprowston

Jex V Heigham Park

Norwich United V St Andrews

t Under 12's A

Sprowston V Taverham

Lakeford V Hethersett

Old Catton V Attleborough

Dereham V Norman

Hellesdon V Firside

t Under 12's B

Rocklands V Harling

Heigham Park V Jex

Watton V Mattishall

Costessey V Scole

Mulbarton V Toftwood

Wymondham V Salhouse

t Under 13's A

Fakenham V Thorpe

Jex V Dereham

Norman V Taverham

Wymondham V Blofield

Spixworth V Hellesdon

Sprowston V Old Catton

t Under 13's B

Scole V Costessey

Norwich United V Mulbarton

Horsford V Salhouse

Hethersett V North Walsham

Attleborough V St Andrews

t Under 14's A

Sprowston V Dereham

Lakeford V Mulbarton

Old Catton V Hellesdon

Thorpe V Rocklands

Diss V Norman

t Under 14's B

Fakenham V Hethersett

Costessey v Harling

Mattishall V Norwich United

Watton V Wymondham

t Under 15's A

North Walsham V Poringland

Norwich United V St Andrews

Jex V Sprowston

Dereham V Aylsham

Fakenham V Scole

t Under 15's B

Watton V Costessey

Norman V Spixworth

Wymondham V Diss

Hethersett V Thorpe

Attleborough V Hellesdon

t Under 16's A

Thorpe V Poringland

Hellesdon V Fakenham

St Andrews V Sprowston

Salhouse V Norman

Lakeford V Old Catton

t Under 16's B

Rocklands V Hethersett

Scole V Mattishall

Drayton V Watton

Mulbarton V Morley

Nelson V Horsford

t Under 10's League Cup 2nd Round

Wymondham V Sprowston

Poringland V Blofield

Lakeford V Attleborough

Old Catton V Taverham

Diss V Mulbarton

Dereham V Hellesdon

Firside V Horsford

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