Fixtures and results

Results from December 6 and fixtures for December 13.


U9A: Taverham 1 Sprowston 8


At Costessey: Blofield 1 Costessey 1, Costessey 2 Lakeford 3, Lakeford 1 Blofield 3

At Jex: Hillside 1 Jex 5, Spixworth 2 Hillside 0, Jex 2 Spixworth 0

At Hellesdon: Hellesdon 6 Hethersett 1, Hethersett 1 Diss 4, Diss 2 Hellesdon 4

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At Poringland: All matches postponed


At Dereham: Attleborough 3 Dereham 0, Dereham 2 Old Catton 2, Old Catton 1 Attleborough 0

At Mulbarton: All matches postponed

At Firside: Drayton 4 Firside 0

At Scole: All matches postponed

U11A: Taverham 1 Wymondham 2, Old Catton 6 Thorpe 1

U11B: Poringland 8 Attleborough 1, Jex 2 Blofield 3, Heigham Park 1 Hellesdon 7, Norwich Utd 0 Horsford 2

U12A: Poringland 2 Taverham 1, Dereham 2 Hethersett 2, Norman 1 Lakeford 4, Hellesdon 3 Attleborough 3, Firside 1 Old Catton 6.

U12B: Costessey 1 Harling 2, Toftwood 9 Heigham Pk 1

U13A: Blofield 4 Fakenham 5, Sprowston 5 Taverham 0

U13B: Nth Walsham 0 Scole 3, Lakeford 3 Norwich Utd 3, Attleborough 2 Salhouse 0, Horsford 3 St Andrews 1

U14A: Jex 2 Sprowston 3 ,Taverham 3 Lakeford 0

U14B: Costessey 0 Hethersett 2

U15A: Dereham 7 Poringland 2

U15B: Attleborough 0 Spixworth 4

U16A: Lakeford 3 Poringland 1, Old Catton 3 Salhouse 0

U16B: All matches postponed


Under 9's A

At Diss

Blofield V Diss

Diss V Rocklands

Rocklands V Blofield

At Hethersett

Hethersett V Jex

Jex V Firside

Firside V Hethersett

At Poringland

Mulbarton V Poringland

Sprowston V Mulbarton

Poringland V Sprowston

At Scole

Taverham V Scole

Wymondham V Taverham

Scole V Wymondham

Under 9's B

At Fakenham

Dereham V Fakenham

Norwich U V Dereham

Fakenham V Norwich

At Drayton

Hillside V Hellesdon

Drayton V Hillside

Hellesdon V Drayton

At Spixworth

Spixworth V Lakeford

At Toftwood

Old Catton V Toftwood

Toftwood V Thorpe

Thorpe V Old Catton

Under 11's A

Firside V Taverham

Dereham V Hethersett

Drayton V Lakeford

Thorpe V Mulbarton

Wymondham V Old Catton

Under 11's B

Blofield V Poringland

Costessey V Jex

Hellesdon V Sprowston

Horsford V Heigham Park

Scole V Norwich U

Under 12's A

Hethersett V Poringland

Sprowston V Dereham

Attleborough V Norman

Old Catton V Hellesdon

Taverham V Firside

Under 12's B

Jex V Costessey

Rocklands V Mulbarton

Heigham Park V Scole

Mattishall V Toftwood

Watton V Salhouse

Harling V Wymondham

Under 13's A

Dereham V Wymondham

Fakenham V Spixworth

Jex V Blofield

Taverham V Hellesdon

Norman V Sprowston

Thorpe V Old Catton

Under 13's B

Mulbarton V Costessey

Norwich U V North Walsham

Salhouse V Lakeford

Horsford V attlewborough

Costessey V St Andrews

Under 14's A

Mulbarton V Thorpe

Sprowston V Taverham

Hellesdon V Jex

Old Catton V Diss

Dereham V Norman

Under 14's B

Firside V Costessey

Fakenham V Mattishall

Harling V Watton

Poringland V Norwich U

Hethersett V Wymondham

Under 15's A

St Andrews V Dereham

North Walsham V Fakenham

Norwich U V Aylsham

SProwston V Scole

Jex V Old Catton

Under 15's B

Spixworth V Hethersett

Watton V Attleborough

Norman V Thorpe

Diss V Hellesdon

Wymondham V Horsford

Under 16's A

Fakenham V St Andrews

Thorpe V Salhouse

Hellesdon V Sprowston

Poringland V old Catton

Norman V Lakeford

Under 16's B

Mattishall V Drayton

Rocklands V Mulbarton

Watton V Hethersett

Horsford V Morley

Scole V Nelson