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Michael Garwood As I sit here eagerly anticipating the World Cup qualifier, armed with a near frozen six pack, I can't help but reflect on the current situation with Norwich.

Michael Garwood

As I sit here eagerly anticipating the World Cup qualifier, armed with a near frozen six pack, I can't help but reflect on the current situation with Norwich.

For starters, I have already had to go back and change my opening sentence after using the phrase 'international break', which of course does not relate to teams in League 1.

It's almost impossible to imagine now, but it was only a short time ago, our club was lining up against the majority of the players on leaving the tunnel at Wembley, preparing to book their place in the World Cup finals.

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It's great to see Robert Green between the sticks and I still have a soft spot for Peter Crouch, now taking his place on the bench. To think we once had these players at our disposal. How the mighty have fallen.

These thoughts remind me of a regular argument I had...

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7 minutes: GOAL! Penalty Lampard

With friends, family and guys down the pub. The question of what would I prefer. A team which gets thumped week in week out in the Premiership? Or something to shout about in the Championship/Division 1?

12 minutes: Close! Barry

My answer was always Premiership. But now, on reflection in League 1, I have changed my mind. Yes, it was great to visit great stadiums like Old Trafford, Stamford Bridge, Anfield, St James's Park, The Reebok, Highbury and the City of Manchester (now Eastlands)...

17 minutes: GOAL! Gerrard

...but looking back it was the thrill of being there, not the game. Like a cup final. In reality, it wasn't much fun.

However, it's now September, and I now see things differently. I appreciate what people say now about clubs in League 1 visiting Carrow Road will be like a cup final, because compared to some of the garden sheds I have visited so far, Carrow Road is like Wembley.

Foolishly, I was excited about this seasons away trips. New stadiums, new experiences. Christ, I couldn't wait just to stand at Griffin Park. But that has all gone. I'm not accustomed to it. In fact, I hate it. All of it.

28 minutes: Close! Lampard

I now realise how much I enjoyed the Championship. It was, as they say, real football. I loved visiting the likes of Ipswich, the Sheffields, Derby etc, where you never quite knew what would happen, but you knew would be a great atmosphere.

Yes we have Leeds, Southampton and Charlton still, but it's not the same.

34 minutes: Close! Lennon

Just watching the game on TV, shows me just how far we have fallen over the years. This was demonstrated against Sunderland in the cup. So many seemed to expect a win. And only a few years ago this fixture would be seen as a home win cert. But in reality, despite glimpses of brilliance, we were well, well beaten.

42 minutes: Close! Heskey

Now we are where we are because we are at this level now, as much as I hate to admit it.

But we need to get out and fast. I don't care how we do it. Long ball, route one, loan players if done properly, I don't care, let's just get out.

Lambert appears to be improving things. Walsall was poor, but we didn't lose. A point is a point and who knows how important it will be at the end of the campaign.

Half Time 2-0

It looks like we (England) are off to South Africa in 2010. But if I had to choose between a World Cup win or promotion back to the Championship, it's a non contest.

Congratulations England. OTBC

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