Forget 4-1 - Norwich City still owe Ipswich Town plenty

So here we go then. Four games to go, the first being a trip to the place of which we shall not speak. Unimaginable pain or joy awaits. That’s how this derby works. It’s rare we get half measures.

Can we get anywhere near the joy of a 4-1 win in front of the world and Holty bagging a historic hat-trick? Or is this the payback bit, where our dreams get smashed out of sight?

Well, reality says the binners can’t end anything at Poorman Road and that’s how The Man sees it.

This isn’t two seasons’ ago, and they’re not anything to be scared of.

Anyway, we don’t do scared any more, that’s the best thing about this City side. And after our spell down in the doldrums, we still owe them a dose of reality.

One win isn’t enough to make up for what happened here, or for spending a year down there. There needs to be more, and that needs to come at Poorman Road, in front of 18,000 (if they’re lucky) binners.

• Sometimes we all need to get over ourselves – so let’s give John Ruddy a break.

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The lad was more unlucky than stupid with Forest’s incredible ridiculous opening goal last week.

But considering the likes of Elliott Ward and Zak Whitbread kept passing the ball back to him, knowing the boy Tyson was quicker than an Ian Harte dive, what was Ruddy suppose to do?

It wasn’t stick Ruddy deserved after pulling off the best turn of the night in the second half, but a pat on the back.

No need to start turning into those hopeless glory hunters who slag everyone off just yet.

Still, if that was too serious, how about Forest boss Billy Davies’ post match quotes: “I am very proud of the performance; we lacked fortune, particularly in the first half,” said the man whose sides usually make time-wasting an art form.

Presumably you’re forgetting the outrageous fluke of an opening goal then, Billy?

• Go on, admit it. We all miss the Premier League. Wouldn’t it be lovely to share the pitch with the likes of ManUre next season?

Just think. We could see up close how they perfect the art of surrounding referees, offer their version of banter at opposition fans – or just swearing down things like cameras and radio.

And then, to top it all off when they lose to Lambo and co, they can kick in our dressing room.

Quite why they think they can trash any part of Wembley because they somehow blew a match against their former third tier neighbours is anyone’s guess.

I’m sure Fergie pointed out it was wrong. Unless he was the one who left the hole in the wall…