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Last week I was about to make the trip to Plymouth but slept in (after a particularly heavy leaving do…) so I didn't make the meeting place at Paddington.

Last week I was about to make the trip to Plymouth but slept in (after a particularly heavy leaving do…) so I didn't make the meeting place at Paddington. Normally, I'd be gutted because I love following the City far and wide and the banter is always good but last Saturday I found myself, not bothering that much. Why? Because over two years, Mr Worthington's sides have worn me down.

I realise we started the season playing good football, but our failure to get players in at the transfer deadline in August, seriously weakened our promotion push and with Hucks missing for the last four games, it has become apparent that this squad is not good enough. We have a squad of 26; of which seven have been signed from the Academy and Worthington does not think they are ready yet! That leaves 19 pros including three keepers. As I read in the excellent Y'Army “Honey I've Shrunk the Squad”. God forbid, that Ernie gets injured. It has become apparent that if things are not going well, we cannot change the game because our substitutes' bench is not strong enough. Also can anybody seriously think that Dion Dublin is our answer to our lack of target men? If Sutton was not good enough Dion is? And why when everyone I spoke to realised we needed two or three more squad players, did we seem to panic on the last day, bidding & failing for a teenager (£2m bid!)

After the Plymouth debacle, I welcomed the statement from Delia & Michael but I would have fired him there and then. Am I the only one fed up with players coming out in the Press on the Friday, spouting off about getting it right and then not delivering? The players don't seem capable of delivering, andthat is either, because they are not good enough or they don't respect Worthington. Either way it's his fault.

So what of the response by Worthington to the statement? “I'm sorry, we'll be working hard to put it right?” Not a bit of it, he does not feel under pressure and he says that it's the same now as it was last year and the year before. Well as a keen follower of the City, I can agree it's the same as last year, as six wins in 46 games away from home testify. That in my view is not acceptable and any other club would have parted ways by now.

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But what now? If we play well in the next two games but lose both games? Draw both? I think that with Worthington in charge we are always four games away from a crisis and he is no longer the person to lead us forward. I hope that by QPR, Mr Worthington has done the decent thing and resigned but I doubt it and feel the board need to make the decision the majority of fans want and need.

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