Glenn deserves to be given a chance

THE MAN will be honest, he didn't exactly crack open his favourite bottle of grandpa's cough medicine upon learning that Glenn Roeder had got the job.

THE MAN will be honest, he didn't exactly crack open his favourite bottle of grandpa's cough medicine upon learning that Glenn Roeder had got the job.

My initial reaction was similar to that of Neil - we could be playing them next season - Doncaster, in that The Man thought Roeder's track record stunk.

I also didn't think he was necessarily the man to reinvigorate our dressing room.

However, similar to the board I assume, his appointment has grown on me. I can see where they were coming from; so let's give the fella time and our support and see where it takes us.

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Even if we go down there is an argument that we simply need continuity now. The Man for one is not sure he could endure another “thorough” management selection process.

Certainly our league position can't.

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However, Roeder's instalment at the Carra has not been met by mild satisfaction and apathy in all quarters - there are those who have condemned it.

One such critic is failed North Norfolk parliamentary candidate Iain Dale, who has called the board “stupid” for making this decision and poured scorn on Roeder.

To recap, Mr Dale was the Tory candidate for the North Norfolk seat at the 2005 General Election , the seat which Norman Lamb had won by just a few votes in 2001.

Despite being tipped to regain the seat for the Tories - West Ham season-ticket holder Dale lost to Norwich season-ticket holder Lamb by more than 10,000 votes. Wallop.

In the absence of a parliamentary career, Dale has forged a niche as a popular political commentator - but also has a blog (online diary for those with a life) called West Ham Til I Die. This week Dale, who also writes in the EDP, wrote: “I shall never forgive Roeder for his insulting behaviour towards West Ham fans when he was at Upton Park last year with Newcastle.

“His hand gestures towards us were a disgrace and he nearly caused a riot. And we were the ones who were at one with him over his illness. What a way to repay our loyalty.”

He later amended the blog - in the usual down-the-nose fashion that people look at Norwich - to add: “Apparently my comments have upset a few people in Norfolk”

Yes, Roeder might turn out to be the wrong appointment, but to try and suggest that he is someone who has wronged those charming fans at West Ham is ridiculous. Certainly The Man's own understanding of the events of the game in question were more in keeping with how another blog portrayed the atmosphere at West Ham that day.

One spectator posted on the 606 website afterwards: “I thought I had heard the very worst taunts and chants from a football terrace well before Sunday's atrocities at Upton Park.

“For sections of the West Ham crowd to mock a man's health in such extremism is disgusting.

“Chants of 'Tumour boy' and 'Why didn't you die three years ago?' at their former manager are not of rational or even arguably sane human beings.”

Whether a section of the West Ham fans sang those chants before or after Roeder dared acknowledge his own team's supporters, The Man thinks it's pretty clear who takes the moral high ground.

Given their recent track record West Ham is the last club who should be pointing the finger over decency.

Best of luck Glenn. OTBC.



IN AN interview with Radio Norfolk ahead of the Bristol City game, Neil Doncaster assured listeners that there simply weren't investors interested in wasting money on debt-ridden Championship clubs.

Such people simply didn't exist, he said.

Therefore imagine The Man's shock this week when the **** announced they had found someone to assume the club's £32m debt and make an extra £12m available for new players.

Doubtless the Stowmarket Two watched this news unfold with similar horror to The Man.

After going bottom of the league last Saturday, it was a bit like finding out you have been burgled, and then discovering the robbers have urinated on the toilet seat.

Hopefully the mystery man Evans will turn out to be as effective as the takeover at Coventry, but this move is yet another sign that “prudence with ambition” - although dignified - might not be the way to go.

After all, it seems Ipswich are going to emerge from this with two new stands for free, simply because their creditors became resigned to the fact they'll never get their money back.

Whereas at “prudent” Norwich, our creditors always know they'll get some money back, hence our debt will never be written down.

It's not right, it's not fair, but that is life.

This investment might also highlight the difference between a passive - and active - search for new investment.



LEWIS Hamilton has revealed that he is moving.

The F1 star says the media scrutiny of his life in the UK is so intense that he has real trouble even visiting friends and family…so he's moving to Switzerland.

The Man would have thought the last thing you would do if you were worried about seeing your loved ones was move hundreds of miles away - but there you go.

The move, of course, will be softened by the fact that Switzerland is a tax haven. The Man never tires of listening to sportsman flam up reasons to justify what are clearly money-motivated decisions.

I have nothing against Hamilton - he seems a decent chap - but wouldn't it be nice if one sportsman was honest for once, and answered the question: “Why are you doing this?” with the correct response: “Money”.

On a similar financial theme, heads turned at The Walks last week when Phil Mulryne rolled in in his Ferrari. Mullers is an okay lad, but if anything sums up the trouble with modern football that is it.

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