Grant embraces new style

JUST like London buses, you wait an age for an away win, then three turn up at once. Victories at Luton, Barnsley and Hull have come to pass in a matter of weeks - leaving regular travellers a touch bemused.

JUST like London buses, you wait an age for an away win, then three turn up at once. Victories at Luton, Barnsley and Hull have come to pass in a matter of weeks - leaving regular travellers a touch bemused.

In the Worthy years three away wins would represent a whole season's work, not just a month.

If you take Col Who out of the equation, it has been a pleasure to watch us away from home recently. That's not to say we have been playing mind-blowing football, but it sure as hell beats the old format.

For those who don't travel too often, the old format used to entail parking the team bus in front of the goal, and waiting until we went two-nil down before we started playing. You could physically feel yourself ageing watching us away home under Worthy.

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I saw junior Canaries come out of the ground looking positively middle-aged after a few choice performances.

The truth is, with the likes of Hux and Earnie, we should naturally be able to play as a decent away side. A little bit of pace and a decent finisher is all you need in this division - thankfully Grant is now embracing this.

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It's just nice to know that - given the odd exception - a 300 mile round trip is now at least going to be rewarded with some semblance of a performance.

The Man is deeply sceptical about whether Grant will have the resources to make us serious contenders for a top half finish next season, but the signs on the road are promising.

He seems to be becoming quite adept at picking off crap teams away from the Carra, which goes a long way to getting you the points to do something in this division.

t It's approaching player of the season time. That time of year when we decide who our least worst player is…

I'm biased, but it has got to be Hux for me. Ably assisted by Chrissy Martin, the DH hauled us out of trouble this season just when it looked like we were about to implode.

Anything decent this club has done during the past few years, Hux has invariably been at the heart of it. The only real challenger I can see is Earnie, if he comes back - gets the winner against the s**m - and passes the 20-goal mark. The Double D has also been immense, so he wouldn't be a wasted vote either.

t In some parts of the country us Norwich fans have a reputation for being a bit thick…

Regular listeners to Canary Call would doubtless agree, but it's not a sentiment you would hear The Man adhering to.

However, a little rumour I overheard yesterday doesn't do us any favours.

Apparently one party travelling to the game rolled into Hull well ahead of time. They thought they'd spotted the new stadium on the city's sky-line and headed straight for it.

The only problem being that when the bus rolled up at the supposed stadium the stand-like structures were those supporting an industrial distribution centre, rather than a football ground…

Given our away form in recent years it may well have been considered preferable to see out the afternoon on an industrial estate - but I'm told our boys thought better of it.

t A few of our players may well be looking for alternative employment come the summer - but new jobs as removals men is clearly out of the question.

The Man understands that the team bus departed from Col Who last week without The Fridge (aka physio Neal Reynolds). Our muscle-rubber was forced to hitch a lift back with Radio Norfolk's commentary duo.

At least it wasn't a long trip, so Reyno only had to endure an hour or so of Adams' thoughts. Given the result at Colchester, it's a shame the bus driver didn't pull the same stunt with a few of the players before he left Norwich.

t The Man notes that the s**m have offered a similar bribe to their parent club Charlton.

They are offering fans who renew their season tickets for next term a half price Premiership season ticket if they go up. Bless. It is a vile little stunt, and I hope we don't do anything like that anytime soon.

Clearly renewal rates at Poorman Road are not looking good, but this sort of scheme just makes them look like mugs. If it doesn't work what do they do next? Offer fans a free season ticket if they qualify for the Champions League? A free toy from the town's flagship Toys R Us store if you sign up?

As a footnote, we have already sold more season tickets for the next campaign than the s**m shifted in total for this season. OTBC.

t Please God no.

The Man really doesn't think he could stomach it if Liverpool won the European Cup again. I think I'd even rather see Man U win it than them.

They are already in the semis, so brace yourselves for lots of talk about a “special European night” at Anfield, and how their fans deserve it. And watch out for the banner: “your dreams are our history”: yawn.

Maybe we'd have a little more history if we hadn't been banned from Europe when we qualified on various occasions.

Bitterness aside, that Rafa bloke clearly knows what he is doing in Europe, when you look at how he sets up a team to play it makes you realise what a numpty old Mugclaren is.

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