Harte full of contempt – he’s probably still rolling

So far, this season has been missing a villain. Someone we can all shout the hairs off when we see them again.

Step forward Ian Harte and his pathetic rolling around on Saturday.

It was disgraceful. It brought the game into far more disrepute than Ian Holloway dropping 10 average players for a different 10 average players.

And definitely more than Lambo pointing out Master Oliver’s ability to referee any youth football matches in the near future.

Holty’s appeal was open and shut, and somehow the FA actually got something right.

They had no choice but to put another big cross against their golden boy. Boy indeed.

Had he not cocked up, would we have won? You’d think so.

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The Man wishes we’d stop conceding these shocking goals from corners, but really the whole thing stinks that we had two points shafted from us by someone barely out of nappies.

Still, thankfully we’ve been spared facing dirty Leeds and I****** without our battering ram.

The goal he scored on Saturday was brilliantly taken, but it’s much more a case of looking forward to seeing our skipper batter the hell out of two sides who clearly deserve it.

Providing he doesn’t get sent off on Saturday, of course . . .

• So Carra Rud village is another step closer to completion.

The Man wonders how many more car parks we’ve got to sell?

No problem with selling out to help balance the books – but the benefit of the pay-off must be slim considering we’re still losing money.

Which makes you wonder . . . what happened to the investment search? Is Stephen Fry the only thing it’s produced?

Did Deloitte get anywhere? Has there been a complete blank from new investors?

When does our massive debt start falling? And more importantly, how?

If the club is saying nothing, does that mean nothing is happening and we’re just going to keep losing loads of money?

Accounts and AGM time is approaching and we’ve been told to expect another season of losses.

We know a plan exists from McGnarly and Bowkett to sort it all out in time, but it would be good to know what it actually is.

• Dirty Leeds will be shepherded in on Saturday and The Man is wary.

Not in a cowardly way. More the fact last season’s win at Carra Rud was so, so sweet they’ll probably want to put one over us more than most. Give them hell, lads – don’t let it happen.

• England played this week apparently, against the French. No, The Man doesn’t care either.