Hockering growing in strength

Hockering had a tough start to life as a women's team - but they are growing in strength all the time.They recently took on their Freethorpe counterparts for the second time this season, and it was a great match for both sides for many different reasons.

Hockering had a tough start to life as a women's team - but they are growing in strength all the time.

The women's team started in 2008 and was made up of a few 16-year-olds who were hoping to make the transition to adult football and a few older ones, some experienced and some less so. All very enthusiastic about playing a team sport with like minded women and excited about being part of a new team.

The first year however, proved very difficult indeed. The gap between girls' and adult football was far greater than anticipated and as the majority of the team came from a youth side it soon became apparent that Hockering were going to have to get used to losing in the hope that by the following season they would have bridged the gap somewhat.

But some of the more experienced players started to feel the strain of supporting a new team and before long they were enticed away to more established teams with the promise of playing on the winning side.

The club's Tora Oetgen said: “By the end of the season there were only three or four players left prepared to give a second season a shot. “So we spent the whole summer advertising for new players of any ability, from all walks of life, to give football a try.

“This proved very time consuming there were times through the summer when we thought it might be time to call it a day.

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“But somehow, and in the nick of time, we managed to have just about enough to field a team by the start of the 09/10 season. There were only four existing players from the 08/09 season but the new recruits were the breath of fresh air and enthusiasm that we needed.

“We continued to advertise for players throughout the season as, sadly, some players feel more suited to the bigger clubs but the core of our team remains and has made this a far more pleasant and successful season than our first.

“The team is made up of players aged from 16 to 40 with different skills and experiences. Some had never kicked a football before they came to train with Hockering but we are lucky enough to have great coaches and huge support from the men's teams and with the friendly, supportive attitude the club has, these players are now the mainstays of a progressive team.

“There is no denying that some of the bigger clubs have worked hard to get where they are now and are great ambassadors for the sport. But there is also a very important place for smaller or newer clubs like Hockering and Freethorpe who can offer all levels of footballers a chance to develop and be part of a really friendly team,” added Tora.

“As a team we are improving every week and starting to see results but there is always more to learn and we are always welcoming new faces!”

If you would like to join Hockering, call Tora on 07872 831128.