Honesty is all right - in small doses

The Man In The Stands Sometimes ignorance is bliss.For example, The Man is loving the way the boys are efficiently disposing of League One.So many sides in the past have made hard work of it - or just royally screwed it up.

The Man In The Stands

Sometimes ignorance is bliss.

For example, The Man is loving the way the boys are efficiently disposing of League One.

So many sides in the past have made hard work of it - or just royally screwed it up.

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Yet Lambo has got us firing in a way that will almost certainly book this season's place in City legend.

But all that said, at no point does The Man want to contemplate us struggling to beat the might of Doncaster at Carra Rud next season.

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Likewise, Lambo's tendency to tell us he'll be off at some point.

“The crowd I think are brilliant and whenever I leave this football club I will always look back and think, 'what a crowd Norwich City have got',” he said last week.

Well that's reassuring.

It's been years since we had a manager any other club would consider touching with a barge pole. Even after 10 pints.

We all realise he'll be off at some point, it's just a case of hoping we're left in a place and time where we're able to cope with it.

But Lambo - please don't feel you need to prepare us. We get it.

Apparently it won't be Celtic, and you can hardly blame him for that. Who'd fancy playing Falkirk four times a season anyway?

But it probably means the exit, when it comes, will be to an English club and - therefore - more painful.

Still, he likes the idea of following Martin O'Neill's footsteps, so maybe we'll be Lambo's Leicester.

t Even The Man's cautious mindset drifted towards thoughts of a league title come May at the weekend.

The question then is, who would you want to joins us?

Realistically it's one from three.

The Ewes and Mad Cowling would no doubt love it to be them - but as they're still struggling to get 4,000 for a midweek game against Brighton, they don't deserve it.

The Man would love it if Charlton and smarmy Parky had to wallow for another season in the doldrums, especially considering their arrogance earlier in the season - shame.

Then there's dirty Leeds, destined to balls it up yet again. It would be one of the funniest collapses in English football.

So the answer? Promote us twice. We've been good enough.

t It seems a shame that winning gets taken for granted - which it almost did on Saturday.

Good of Yeovil to wave the white flag so early though. After that it was a procession.

But a word for Korey Smith. The guy was awesome - good enough to keep Rusty out of the side, which says it all.

He was the shining light in the horrific end to last season and is fast turning into one hell of a success story for the Academy - just when we needed it.

t Not only do the ManUre fans want to be Norwich City, now AC Milan reckon they'll have to play like us to beat the club which makes the national debt look modest.

Well, good old Thomas Helveg to be precise.

Seriously, it's all about us this season. You couldn't make it up.

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