I certainly just can’t get enough!

What a season, in fact what a couple of seasons and what a season to look forward to!

Like thousands of City fans I sat in front of the TV and watched in disbelief as Cardiff threw away their chance of automatic promotion. Never have the words “it was their game to lose” seemed more appropriate. Since then life has passed in a yellow and green whirl and I am just about finding my feet again!

It’s hard to find anything to say that hasn’t been said over and over in the last few days about the performance of the players, the manager and his team and the members of the board. They have all been - as Paul Lambert keeps telling us - BRILLIANT!

However it’s my turn to fill this column and as the swirling yellow and green confetti settles two things have particularly struck me this week. First the blessed Paul Lambert said of potential new signings: “I don’t want somebody just to come and think it’s going to be little old Norwich and a nice place to live. I don’t want that.” Hear that folks? No more “little old Norwich”.

The debt that all of us fans owe Delia is huge, but I actually heard her say “little” and “old” to describe my club - and the annoyance and sadness I felt at the time has been nagging away ever since. Until last week that is, when Lambert banished “little” and “old to the dustbin that contains Roeder’s rant at the fans, Grant’s touchline antics and the performances of some awful loanees: the past!

Secondly, David McNally has also been talking this week: “We were close to administration in the autumn of 2009, we’ve never had any money – we are not going to know what to do with it... but it’s a quality problem to have and we will do absolutely everything – every waking breath will now be focused on staying in the Premier League.” This man has had some criticism because he has - without doubt - made our club less accessible to us.

He has got rid of personnel who have served the club faithfully for years, he has not always been on the end of the phone and he has trampled pretty roughshod over many of the institutions and traditions surrounding Norwich City. But I for one cannot honestly criticise the man who brought in our manager and has been behind the reversal of fortunes that this manager has described as a miracle.

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What Norwich City desperately needed in the dark days was direction. McNally has made sure that this has been determinedly upwards, and he certainly has never believed in “little old” Norwich!

Bring on next season. We are back where we belong. We ARE Premier League.