I'm deliberately avoiding the aftermath

Funny how some weeks seem longer than others, and sometimes it's easier to work out why.

Funny how some weeks seem longer than others, and sometimes it's easier to work out why.

No matter how I sit and tweak the figures - and the play-offs remain a mathematical possibility for City at the time of writing - there are many variables that come into play and each of them carries a strong element of probability that could count against us.

I am concluding (again) that it must become our main priority to have a decent run in, playing what Nigel and the coaching staff believe is our best team whenever possible so that we are ready for August and a fresh and infinitely better assault on this toughest of leagues.

Funny too how, just when we get the briefest glimpse of spring and start to notice the nights pulling out a bit, winter seems to be back with a vengeance. A quick look at the five-day forecast for our region and you would be forgiven for thinking that you were daft a couple of weeks ago to consign your thermals to the airing cupboard for the next few months.

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Gloves, scarves and cuddling mugs containing hot beverages look as if they will be back on the agenda once more, and I shall have to try to find my waterproof mascara if snowflakes aren't to make me look as if I lasted almost three rounds with Amir Khan.

And as if our season has been bad enough at times just take a look at the situation facing the England cricket team in India and the chance for fans of the visitors to play the odd game of 'spot the Englishman who was on the team sheet for the Ashes series last summer'.

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Chairman of Selectors David Graveney said he'd never ever come across a situation like it with all the injuries, illness and players needing to return home for various reasons. Still, I suppose it gives others an earlier than usual chance to prove themselves in unfamiliar territory or roles so it could potentially be quite interesting.

While I'm thinking stifling heat on the Indian sub-continent I suppose I'd better admit that the Winter Olympics almost passed me by, with the exception of the very last evening of action when I managed to catch some speed skating, including the most amazing and crazy men's relay event which involved five teams of four skaters racing over enough laps to make me (and presumably them) completely dizzy. It was chaos, but great fun to watch, though I couldn't help but wonder where on earth those guys buy jeans big enough to cover their thighs from. Well, I'm just being practical!

And talking of practical I'm sure there are those of you out there reading this who are wondering why I haven't yet mentioned a certain match, against a certain team from south-east London, which took place a certain number of days ago.

Well, I hope I'm getting away with practically emulating our team on that afternoon - in other words, in terms of my usual job writing about them this week I'm not turning up. If we've played well against Stoke my normal service will be resumed.

If we've failed to do that I shall forget my Sunday tennis match and join the working party at the ground that will be busy oiling the mechanisms in the rocket launcher.

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