I'm not against Worthy staying

As QPR roared into a 2-0 lead, The Man was convinced he was witnessing one of the final games of the Worthy regime. “I knew it would end like this,” The Man ruminated as the venom levels around him reached snake-like proportions.

As QPR roared into a 2-0 lead, The Man was convinced he was witnessing one of the final games of the Worthy regime.

“I knew it would end like this,” The Man ruminated as the venom levels around him reached snake-like proportions.

Fans' faces near me were contorted with rage as they called for December's Manager of the Month to be sacked.

It was nasty, but it was always going to be if Delia refused to act . . .

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But then we won 3-2. In days gone by that sort of comeback would have been greeted with unconfined glee but not at the Rud.

More than a few of The Man's friends arrived in the pub after the game ashen-faced.

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“I can't believe we won . . .” they sulked. “I thought we had him.”

You know something is rotten in Denmark when it comes to this.

If some of our own fans are celebrating opposition goals it is a sorry state of affairs.

So too was the treatment handed out to Andy Hughes.

The Man admits he has been one of Andy Clap's strongest critics, but I would never jeer him at a game. Because, quite simply, it is not his fault.

It was Worthy that decided AH was worth £500,000 and was to become the lynchpin of our side.

And despite the fact he's getting a load of stick, Hughes does not hide, as most players would. He's always looking for the ball, it's just a shame most of the time he's launching it into touch.

The reaction to his substitution against QPR was horrible. As fans we have got a right to be angry and voice our disapproval, but for my money Hughes did not deserve that.

Where we go from here I don't know.

The Man gets the feeling a lot of our fans have decided they want nutty Nigel out, and will refuse to change their minds.

I'm undecided about whether the summer break and a good start to next season will change that.

In football, winning is everything, and a team with Hucks and Earnie should be top six next season, with the right level of tinkering.

It is not implausible that we will fly out of the blocks next season.

Certainly the management are under no illusions as to their predicament, and I doubt we'll see a repeat of last season's pre-season complacency and idiocy in the transfer market.

I'm forever thankful that this column is anonymous, and for what I'm about to write doubly so.

I am not averse to Worthy staying.

Wait! Hear me out.

This is on the proviso he admits he has signed a host of rubbish players and gets rid of them. Acknowledges the team needs a right-hand side and addresses the issue. And over the course of the summer someone concocts a formation that allows us to win away games.

It is an unlikely scenario, but you never know.

What is for sure, if he serves up the same dross next season, The Man will be the first one to call for his head.

This week NW put the dissatisfaction at Carrow Road down to the impatience and demands of modern football. It is not.

It is down to people watching a team that should have been challenging for promotion play like clowns.

In just about every department NW has failed this season. And, unusually for modern football, he has been given the time to sort it out.

The same fare next season will not be acceptable, just as it is not acceptable now.

You'd better hit the ground running NW . . . OTBC.


The Man was delighted with Paul Gallacher's displays last week.

It was wonderful to have someone between the posts who actually looked like he cared, and wanted to be there.

Gallacher has shown the patience of a Buddhist monk and deserves his chance in the first eleven. It was a shame he had to make his home debut in such a poisonous atmosphere, but he showed real character - an almost forgotten trait in a City footballer - to come through it as man of the match. Excellent PG, The Man salutes you.

On the subject of our usual Number One, The Man has made his feelings on that matter quite clear. But overall - apart from this season - Greeno has been a great servant to this club, and was one of the reasons we got promoted.

For all concerned I hope he gets the move to the Premiership he craves this summer.

I'm not so sure anyone will come in for him, but if we don't see you in a Norwich shirt again, Robert, best of luck.

I wonder whether that strangely- timed injury will clear up in time for the World Cup . . . my money is on a miraculous recovery.


WHAT a curious little affair next weekend's traditional 'lap of honour' is going to be.

The Man really can't make up his mind about this one.

I'm contemplating storming out on 88 minutes so I leave a nice big empty seat when the players come round.

But by the same token, I wouldn't mind going face-to-face with a few of them to let them know how I feel about this season's shower.

But then again, people like Hucks, Earnie, Fleming, The Doc don't really deserve that.

Worthy's/Hughes' trot past the Barclay and Snakepit should be interesting to behold. Tin hats time!


DOUBTLESS the tedious end to the Championship season has left the good people at Sky scratching their heads.

The satellite company are masters of exaggeration, but even they must be struggling to come up with a way to market the final weekend of the season.

Don't forget, this is the firm that was trying to tell everyone there was a Premiership title race last week . . .

My money is on them jacking up Reading's last game into some sort of attempt at a record points haul. But whatever they choose it will be dull. Thank Hucks it's nearly over.

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