I may be a Red but I’ll be having a day off tomorrow

That was a comfortable three points for the Canaries on Saturday afternoon.

To be honest, I expected the lads to win but I thought Swansea would have put up more of a fight than they did, especially in the second half.

As a player you always want to make a quick start to the game, and boy did Norwich do that. Two-nil up with barely 10 minutes on the board, it really doesn’t get much better than that.

Set pieces are a massive part of the game and can often be the difference between winning and losing. It’s something that managers and coaches spend hours thinking about and players spend a good deal of time out on the training pitch going through different options, from corner kicks and free-kicks, both for and against.

To be honest I used to hate it as you do a lot of standing around when you practise them and there’s nothing worse when it’s cold and wet. In fact it could be the sunniest day ever and I would still find it hard work but it has to be done because, as we saw on Saturday, they can be vital.

It was my first real look at Anthony Pilkington and I have to say I was very impressed. Yes, he scored two very well taken goals, but it was his all round play that impressed me. I have seen Swansea’s right-back Angel Rangel on many occasions over the last three seasons and I’ve never seen him troubled by a player like he was on Saturday when coming up against Pilkington.

If there’s one ground I wanted to play at when I was a young whippersnapper growing up in North Wales it was Anfield!

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Liverpool has always been my team since the great side of the mid 1970s when Toshack and Keegan led their front line, followed by my two favourite players of all time in Dalglish and Rush.

I never played against them for Norwich but I did for Leicester and managed to score past David James in a game at Filbert Street back in 1994.

Predictably it was with my head and it gave us the lead that day, but unfortunately we went on to concede three and lost. The old saying when you faced Liverpool at home was “all you get at Anfield is a cup of tea and a sandwich”.

That is how formidable they were at home but already this season they’ve dropped points there to Manchester United and Sunderland.

So if the lads produce the same level of performance as they have done in their first eight games there’s no reason that they can’t become the third team to come away with something from Anfield.

It was great to see Jeremy Goss at the Swansea game and I’m sure we all know he scored one of the most famous goals at Anfield.

Back in April 1994, Gossy was the last player ever to score in front of the famous Kop end at Anfield before it was changed to an all seated stand. It was a cracking goal and one Gossy I’m sure is very proud of.

Tomorrow I won’t be supporting my beloved Liverpool, I’ll be hoping that Norwich City can go to Merseyside and come home with their fourth victory of the season.