I won't boycott season ticket renewal

LAST week The Man somehow found it within himself to be mildly optimistic. A week appears to be a long time in football… I'm still struggling for words to describe last weekend's fiercely contested 'Old Farm' (Daily Telegraph…) match.

LAST week The Man somehow found it within himself to be mildly optimistic. A week appears to be a long time in football…

I'm still struggling for words to describe last weekend's fiercely contested 'Old Farm' (Daily Telegraph…) match.

To try to put the performance into context I have dredged the darkest recesses of my memory for some sort of comparison.

Nope, couldn't find one. It was worse than the time we leaked six at Vale Park.

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The Man felt the inclination to leave after about 20 minutes. Against another team, I probably would have done.

There I was watching Craig Fleming trundling down the wing, while Hux sat on the bench. Astounding.

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Quite what Etuhu did in that first 45 minutes I am still trying to ascertain. If he picked up a week's wages after that he should be totally ashamed.

Some of the offside positions we got ourselves into were comical, while the hoofs to Earnshaw were beyond absurdity.

Choose any one of the following descriptions: vile, passionless, inept, ridiculous, disgusting, imbecilic, offensive (in the negative sense), awful…

After a season which culminated in a 6-0 defeat in our most important game, and a string of hammerings this term, we are pretty used to humiliation.

But last Sunday was something else. We were not beaten by better players. We were beaten by a team that could pass to someone in the same coloured shirt. That's all - “basics” as Greeno would put it.

The last time we played them at home we won 3-1 and went up: “We'll never play you again” rang in their ears.

Yet less than two years later they bowl up here with a team of nobodies and beat us. What a shambles.

After the game there were a lot of angry people.Don't be fooled by estimates of only 150 at the demo Delia. I honestly don't know another Norwich fan that wants Worthy to stay now.

Until Sunday a few of The Man's mates still wanted to give NW the benefit of the doubt. I feel that ebbed away against Ipswich.

As The Man has said before, I find this situation utterly tragic. I loved Worthy for that season he gave us, but it really seems to be unravelling now. He seems to have transferred our dire away form to Carrow Road, a very worrying trend.

The Stowmarket Two have called on fans to have “infinite patience”.

As was rightly pointed out this week, the trouble with that is we don't have infinite parachute payments. If this downward spiral continues then this time next year there will have to be a fire-sale. Au revoir Hux, Ernie, the Doc, Safri. And hello another decade of dross.

If it's dross that at least gives a t*** then maybe that will be preferable; but I quite like watching good (ish) players.

There have been calls this week to boycott season ticket renewals.

I really don't buy into that tactic. I'm not going to let the current disappointment stop me from supporting my club.

If we bail out now we'll be just like some of the players who have not shown the stomach for the fight this season.

The board and Worthy may pat themselves on the back for the way they've built the club in recent years, and in part, credit is due.

But you can lead a horse to water - you can't make it drink.

The board and manager at Wigan have done an even better job than our set-up in recent years too, but still no bugger goes to watch them.

We packed out every expensive away end last season and got nothing in return. Ditto Carrow Road this term, and the five seasons before it.

We are the fundamental building blocks of this club's recent 'success'. Without us, it's nothing.

Let's pack Carrow Road again next season and shame the board/management/team into achieving something.

As was emailed to The Man this week, the best way for dissatisfied supporters to vent their anger is to send back their season ticket renewal with a covering note expressing their concerns.

It is one way for angry people to register their emotions with the club, without decaying what's been built at Norwich in recent years.

A season ticket renewal is not a vote for Worthy (take note board), it is an act of unconditional support given the chaos we are watching unfold.

Of course, the irony of Delia's ultra loyal stance is that it could actually turn out to be the worst thing for Worthy, as stubborn as he is. If these performances continue, he won't leave the club with the dignity he deserves. It will be an absolute disgrace if this man has to be hounded out of the club after what he has done for us.

I don't buy into this panto villain status some of our fans have now afforded him. He has doubled the size of the crowds and improved the squad. Unfortunately, it appears his sell-by date has been reached at Carrow Road, and he can now go and try his luck elsewhere.

If the Stowmarket Two persist in this loyal backing, it will be like the Gary Holt scenario last season; and someone that has served this club valiantly will end up being loathed.

The Man will never chant “Worthy Out” at a game or after it. I have too much respect for NW and what he has done for us. But there is simply no escaping the fact we look like a team that needs a fresh face at the helm.

Football is a ruthless business, and don't kid yourself that Worthy and Delia don't know that. Who sacked Mike Walker after he won his last two homes games 5-0, in the same season his wife passed away? (Before today we were still 16 points off that season's points haul.)

Who kicked Malky out of the door after he had sweated blood to get the club he loved promoted? It's a cruel business.

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