Spud Thornhill: Break is most definitely not good for some Canaries supporters!

City's Max Aarons - will he benefit from some time, and games, with England Under-21s? Picture: Paul

City's Max Aarons - will he benefit from some time, and games, with England Under-21s? Picture: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd - Credit: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd

This weekend is another international break, the third one already this season – but at least it’s the last one until March.

Watford's Troy Deeney before the game at Carrow Road Picture: PA

Watford's Troy Deeney before the game at Carrow Road Picture: PA - Credit: PA Wire/PA Images

I would normally be thankful for a international break when we are struggling, but I am so desperate for us to play to see if we can stop this run. Most importantly, I fear for so many of the players - I honestly think these poor results must be really affecting them.

Sitting on the front row just a few seats away from the away dug-out, I get a really good close-up on many things and last week during the Watford defeat was no different. When Watford scored in under two minutes, I looked across to Max Aarons and I saw his head had dropped and, sadly, I think that effects his game. When he got close enough, I was shouting encouragement and trying to gee him up, like many other supporters were. Maybe with Max going away on international duty, especially with it being with a successful England U21 side, this could help to get him back to where we know he can be.

There was another thing I noticed at the Watford game, and it wasn' from in the Norwich camp. It was something that I imagine the majority of the crowd wouldn't have seen - Watford's striker Troy Deeney showed his class and his importance to a struggling side. Sitting on the bench, he was constantly shouting encouragement to his team-mates, telling them what to do. And you could see the effect it had on the Watford players. At the final whistle I actually called him over and praised him for what he had done - even if was against my team.

Whilst we may have great team spirit between our players, we need more leaders during this period with some of them out. I honestly believe experience will play a massive part in our season. Is it really a coincidence that both Tim Krul and Teemu Pukki, probably our most experienced players in top-flight football, have coped well this season? No, it's because of their experience.

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I found it interesting that some people - who, I hasten to add, don't watch Norwich week in, week out - have asked me how long I think Daniel Farke has got? After I finish laughing at the question I explain that we have a five-year plan and we are only now starting the third year of the plan. They need to give him time.

I then start talking about Burnley manager Sean Dyche. He took Burnley into the Premier League after his second season as manager only to be relegated in the first season. Burnley stuck with Dyche and got their reward when he got them promoted again - and now they are in their fourth consecutive season in the top flight. Maybe this is something we can model ourselves on.

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Luckily the majority of Norwich fans and, most importantly, Delia and Co, appreciate what Stuart Webber and Farke are trying to do and will stick with them. That is something I am very grateful for. I'm glad the people who run the club can see the bigger picture.

As a person who's on social media a lot I do enjoy getting involved when it comes to things yellow and green, especially last season when everything was all positive and it was a joy to be involved. But after a Norwich defeat I have try to avoid some of the strange comments I see.

I enjoy listening to different opinions when it comes to football, but it seems some people are happier when Norwich lose so they can just moan, be negative and can make detrimental comments. And it's not just directed towards players or the manager - fans are arguing with or being abusive towards each other.

It is even getting to a stage where people are getting so fed up with the abusive comments they are coming off social media.

Let's start sticking together like we did last season and we can be that strong club again. Strong club breeds success.


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