It’s been a very merry Christmas for Norwich City

So there I was, middle of the week, happily writing this week’s article and then suddenly on Thursday night the stress levels fly through the roof.

Anyway, I’m not going to dwell on it but will continue with the thoughts I had before all this raised its head.

With City picking up seven points out a possible nine it’s been a better Christmas period than we probably had hoped for. The performance against QPR was, in my opinion, the most complete 90 minute performance we’ve seen in a while. We were quite simply, magnificent.

I have to keep looking at the league table to make sure I’m not dreaming! The only disappointment about the Christmas period was the Crystal Palace postponement and us not having the chance to pick up another three points and the unsavoury thought of having to go there on a cold, wet, windy, Tuesday night.

Whilst it’s all good on the field for the Canaries, there’s one thing that is starting to get my back up. The coverage we get from the local television stations is dreadful. Just because Roy Keane was in charge at Ipswich, the TV companies think they’re the biggest club in East Anglia and give them the majority of the coverage. We all know who the biggest and best club in this region is.

I read his (Keane) comments the other day about how their location was stopping them from attracting players, I had to laugh, they’ve got dual carriageways from all sides, we haven’t, well not yet anyway and we don’t have a problem getting players to come here!

The big differences between us and them – the manager, the fans, the squad, the training ground the list is endless. So come on local TV companies, give us the coverage and recognition we deserve!

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The story is slightly different with the national media, they’re taking a bit too much notice, with constant speculation about our players going to different clubs and the approach from Burnley for Paul Lambert’s services are very unwelcome. Of all the speculation of who’s supposedly going where, Russell Martin to Blackburn, Grant Holt to Wigan, West Ham etc, Wes Hoolahan to West Brom, it makes you think that even if these rumours were true, would they be any better off going to these lower Premier League clubs and I truly believe the answer to that question is no.

We’re on the up and there isn’t another club around at the moment who have the feel good factor and the togetherness that we’ve got.

Come on City, only another seven points and we’re safe, then we can have that big push for promotion with Mr Lambert still in charge!

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