It’s Norwich City, but not as we know it

The Man wonders if he’s supporting the right club. Or at least the same club. After all, surely last week was the moment?

Rivals with more money, an overblown view of their place in the world, trying to nick our manager.

Usually we oblige, make it clear we can’t match their ambition. Manager walks. All hope ended. Feel sick.

We don’t do the behind-the-scenes talks that work, the better terms, better budget, or whatever it was that actually happened between 9am and 8pm on Friday.

Had Lambo left here for Burnley it would have been a disgrace. Nothing short of a joke move, and one that’d raise too many questions to answer.

So however we got there, it’s good we did. Until next time, of course. And there will definitely be one of those.

• Wes is signed up and The Man can rest easy. You don’t let players like Wes go. In fact it seems a bit strange more clubs haven’t been after him – in public, at least.

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The King of Spain has extended his reign too. Admittedly, the news lacks Wes’ sparkle, but he is a guy who feels a bit like one of us.

After all, if The Man was given a deal to play for City and was dumped on the sidelines for years, he’d still see that as better than turning out for, say, Burnley.

• Lambo and McGnarly need to be a little careful, though. We’ve had plenty at the club in the past who haven’t treated the fans properly.

The Man was pointed to McGnarly’s interview on Saturday on the old wireless: “If any senior employee of the football club has a new contract agreed, we promise we’ll announce it to the supporters . . . they deserve that.”

Lambo on Wes signing a new deal after the game: “He did that ages go.”

In their defence, you suppose McGnarly didn’t say when . . .

• It seems the Cardiff fans are a little annoyed they’re having to pay �33 to be granted a seat at ‘Fortress’ Carra Rud.

Sadly, we haven’t screwed our way through debts of millions like they have. We need the money – unlike those Wales folk who seem to be tens of millions in debt, and can still sign Belluz for the season.

Anyway, it’s not like bringing 500 people here really makes a difference to anyone. Cardiff a big club? Hardly.

• OK, so last week The Man was happy to repay Orient for their help last season. To be honest, in the end a meek surrender was probably about right.

Even Lambo is powerless to change the fact we don’t do cups. He hardly seemed bothered about it either. And just like last season – go up an no one will care anyway.