It’s Norwich City or no one. And definitely not Swansea or Cardiff

There is one thing The Man has learnt over the last week – he’s happy saying he doesn’t want to see a Welsh side in the ‘Promised Land’.

Obviously the Cardiff thing has been going on a fair while now. The cheating debt and somehow still bringing someone like Belluz onto your books.

All kinds of wrong, that – and all without bringing up Dave Jones.

But you can now soundly add Swansea to the list. OK, so The Man is only human. Plenty of this comes from sour grapes at somehow losing 3-0, which was as painfully unfair as it was frustratingly annoying.

But that didn’t completely excuse for their assured celebrations at full-time.

And then there is Reading. Clearly none of us want to see that lot of chancers pull off second spot thanks to one ridiculous run.

The Man had been wondering if it was just our year. Well not now.

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You don’t see Wessi limp out with a win over Scunny sorted ages ago, and then end up praying Holty hasn’t picked up the same problem a couple of games later.

You don’t get blows like that, now, if it’s your season.

All of which makes things pretty grim for The Man.

From such a good position, the prospect of that trip to I****** is making the stomach churn.

Maybe that point at Watford will be the one that still takes us up?

Maybe Simeon Jackson will come good and carry us over the line?

Here’s hoping – because The Man doesn’t want to see anyone else do it…

• You’d think most people in the football world would know who Grant Holt is by now. Well, not so.

The Man hears on good authority that an esteemed member of the national press, Joe Lovejoy, was sent to the Liberty Stadium on Saturday for The Observer.

Only he needed a bit of help. He was apparently caught asking what Holty’s first name was, before – rumour has it – making a royal mess of the press boys’ toilets with his frighteningly wayward aim.

Now that really is knowing your subject. Hence why The Man didn’t bother to search out Mr Lovejoy’s efforts on Graham Holt and the lads.

• Saucy Nigella Lawson clearly still fancies herself as a bit of a modern day Delia.

Having innuendoed her way into most men’s cookery repertoire, Nigella is taking a proper swipe into Delia’s personal football space.

Apparently she’s grabbed a stake in the glamorous surroundings of Lewes – where the ground is called the Dripping Pan! Hope Delia doesn’t get any ideas…

It’s been a tough week but The Man is not about to worry about Lewes catching us any time soon.