It’s official - we are as bad as ever

IT IS the truth that dare not speak its name. But, as each game passes, its whispering reality grows louder: we are officially rubbish again.

IT IS the truth that dare not speak its name.

But, as each game passes, its whispering reality grows louder: we are officially rubbish again.

This is not a “we can still make the play-offs” kind of rubbish, it is a terminal sort of rubbish of which 10-year stints in this division are made.

In short, it's the sort of rubbish you take to the tip rather than stashing in a corner of the garage.

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Only a few weeks ago The Man - following Grant's appointment - raised the spectre of a promotion push.

I have to admit now that I was very, very wrong.

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Worthington and the board twiddled their thumbs while Rome burned over the summer, leaving a squad that Fabio Capello would struggle to get above mid-table.

We are simply not good enough - and are not going to be for a long time.

Sure, we have the best goalscorer in the division, but what the hell use is that if there's no-one to pass to him?

Hux is terrific at this level - but one man does not a winning side make.

In The Man's opinion we need to give Grant at least two years to try to sort this mess out before we can start expecting results.

It should not have turned out this way, but it has, and we just have to stay loyal and deal with it.

Peter the Pointer (PTP) is not going to have much cash to spend, so one can only hope our scouting network - if we have one - now goes into overdrive, and that PTP uses every contact in his book.

If there is one element of the club's operations PTP needs to overhaul, it is our transfer policy and squad management.

I really hope his mobile phone bill goes through the roof over the next few months…

We need four or five new players, and they need to be hungry, and willing to battle - just like when Worthy brought in the likes of Drury and Holt all those years ago.

A few need to be shown the door too.

Ipswich have started looking to the likes of Accrington Stanley to pick up fresh faces - raw talent - and we have to start doing the same.

Football is a cyclical business and we are on the downward curve at the moment.

Sadly, I do not think we have reached the bottom of that cycle yet - I fear the next couple of seasons could be even leaner affairs.

But, if we stay loyal, we will come out the other side - it's just going to be a long wait. OTBC.


It really is a curious world in which we live. Most of you will be aware there is a fellow called David Lee who comes over to support us from his native Hong Kong.

The Man assumes most of you will know him because aside from his online Pink 'Un column, the young Cantonese charmer has a fervour for self publicity that would put Jimmy Saville to shame.

And the reason he supports us?

Well, as far as The Man understands, it is because he once had a yellow love bird…I kid you not.

Those that read his endearing ramblings will also be aware he has retained a special affection for Gary Holt, our former trooper.

It is a very special love that Mr Lee (that's him above with PTP) has retained for Three Lungs, I might add… In fact, the Holt family were even spotted sitting with Mr Lee at the Port Vale game - no joke.

So the lad flies half way around the world for the pleasure of - among other delights - two trips to Stoke in a week accompanied by two defeats.

It's funny what passes for a holiday these days…or, as they say up North: “There's nought so queer as folk.”

Good on you DL, you are one in a billion, or 1.3 billion to be precise.


The Man must admit he was not over-the-moon when we signed Dion.

I didn't criticise the signing, I just thought it was a sad indictment of where we were at just one year out of the Premiership.

But I have to say, especially following his performance against Col U, the guy is a class act. A cut above.

If only we could have signed him 10 years ago…

On the subject of the Double D, perhaps a few of the other players should feel a touch embarrassed about being shown up by a 37-year-old - for both ability and enthusiasm.

Meanwhile, has anyone else noticed that prior to today's fixtures Leon has not scored for Coventry yet? Prolific as ever then…

Had he have stayed for one more week he would have pretty much started every game for us during the past five weeks.

Still - despite all his posturing - we all know now his desire to depart had nothing to do with whether he was getting a starting place or not.


Stoke: I can't imagine during my lifetime I'll ever have a good time there - whether I'm at the football or not. But the one positive aspect about away games like that is although you've lost again, you can crawl into the car, crank the heat up - and bask in the knowledge you don't have to live there.

A couple of The Man's friends are Army officers - they say half their ranks are made up of people from Stoke.

A trip to the place soon tells you why, Helmand province has got to be the better option.

I'd probably sign up for genital-based medical trials if it meant getting out of there.

This is nothing against Stoke people, it's just their town sucks.

As for their new stadium, it already looks old - and appears to have been built on the most inhospitable piece of land in the town - which really is saying something.

Would The Man love the place if we had won 5-0 there? No, well…maybe.

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