It's that time of year again...

YIPPEE - it's transfer window time. That time of year when our best players get unsettled, and we fail to sign anyone.

YIPPEE - it's transfer window time. That time of year when our best players get unsettled, and we fail to sign anyone.

I doubt there is too much in the link, but of all the clubs to be sniffing around our players Pompey was the last name The Man wanted to hear mentioned. That's because - unlike good ol' corn-fed Norwich - Portsmouth play dirty in the transfer market.

As I recall they spent about two months unsettling Damien Francis, and a few weeks doing the same thing to Green: before failing to sign either. The basic practice seems to be to wind the player up until he demands a transfer - thereby lowering the price tag.

If old turkey head Redknapp wants to give us £6 million of his cash (heaven knows where their money really comes from…) I hope it's quick and easy.

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This time last year The Man wrote about how I thought Ashton would stay, so I'm not going to tempt fate and say the same thing about Earnie.

The Man knows it doesn't really work like this, but without Earnie's goals we would have just 18 points, and would be going down.

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So if an offer does go under Doomcaster's snout, it better be a damn good one for us to accept.

But enough about any out-goings - what about in-comings? Despite the sale of Green and McKenzie in August, and the failed “£2million” bid for that spotty Wigan reserve, Doomcaster has indicated there's not much money to spend.

To be honest, I think if we keep Earnie we'll stay up, and I'd rather we didn't just sign someone for the sake of it.

The board is under immense pressure to bring people in - but enough money has been wasted in recent years, so let's not do it again.

But you would hope after the August sales debacle which helped undermine our season the club has identified targets and is ready to hit the ground running. We shall see…

t The Man has been thinking outside the box this week - so bear with me.

Following the departure of foul-mouthed Keith Webb, I would like to put forward my own suggestion for his replacement.

I know this is based on the unlikely assumption Doomcaster allows KW to be replaced; but let's assume for a moment the vacancy is to be filled.

The Man would like to see the Double D added to the coaching team, while also extending his playing career here.

I am not sure what Peter the Pointer (PTP) or Dion's plans are; but I'd love to see him stay at the club.

As The Man endured the Southend game (even Mr Carrow b*****d off after 30 minutes), I was struck by how the 37-year-old (thirty-seven) was the member of our team showing the most urgency.

And does he really need to be running himself into the ground at this point in his career? No.

Why does he do it? Because he loves the game. Top man.

It's acknowledged there is a lack of characters at the club at the moment, keeping Double D about the place would be a huge benefit.

He is also a very good footballer, who could hopefully give our struggling youngsters a few tips.

t So what does 2007 have in store for us? Well, a worrying omen is the fact our first game of the year is at Selhurst Park.

The Man is sure most Norwich fans have been there at some point, but for those who have not had the pleasure, let me assure you it is a vile place. Lost in suburban south London, it's about as much fun as picking peanuts out of poo.

New Year's Day is going to have to go some way to surpass the misery of the past two trips to Palace, but you never know.

After our voyage to that place, comes Tamworth.

The Man has written before of his eager anticipation of this fixture. At the time of writing little Tammy sit bottom of the Conference: live on BBC, it is set up a treat.

Friends who are not Norwich fans have said to The Man: “You must be worried about this one - it will be so embarrassing if you lose.”

The real truth is, although I'd rather we avoid defeat, I won't be upset if we get beaten. I think defeat could be a cleansing experience, a nadir from which the phoenix can rise from the flames - if that is not too many metaphors spoiling the broth.

As for the rest of 2007, who knows? The Man would hope by this time next year we are solidly established in mid-table, with an outside sniff of the play-offs.

The Man also imagines there will be four or five new faces, but that our crowds will have dropped. Such is life.

This league is an absolute nightmare to get out of, and without dosh you just have to bide your time until you get that one special season. We've had ours, and as opposition fans remind us, we *****d it up. Clubs like Reading and Wigan didn't.

Our time will come again - just not in 2007.

t Interesting to note that Safri has said he will quit unless PTP starts picking him.

The Man has always found Youssef to be a bit of a funny one. Clearly, pound-for-pound, he is a better player than Robinson or Etuhu, if a touch static.

Yet, for some reason both Worthington and PTP have clearly had doubts over the guy: as he has never been able to hold down a starting place here.

You have got to ask yourself why, at a time when the club is crying out for a strong midfielder, isn't Safri getting a regular game?

Clearly there is more to this one than meets the eye.

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