It’s time for fans to raise the roof

Make no mistake about it: next week is a huge seven days for the club. Just five points off relegation - and with our best player out for the season - we are in must-win territory.

Make no mistake about it: next week is a huge seven days for the club.

Just five points off relegation - and with our best player out for the season - we are in must-win territory.

The Man calls on our support to make itself known: unleash the vocal chords!

Forget how much our board has cocked up, forget whether the players care or not, this is our club and we can't let the current shambles take it down the pan.

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Just as we rescued the club with the share issue donations, we have to do it again, but this time with our voices.

It is entirely correct that fans are angry about the current state of affairs - but we must not allow ourselves to sleepwalk into disaster. For the visits of Wolves and Leeds we need to raise the roof.

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Two wins and we can get back to the rebuilding process, two defeats and we are staring at an absolute disaster.

Because let's be honest, a club that could not manage a promotion push on £14 million in parachute payments and 40,000 season ticket sales ain't going to come back from League One in a hurry.

We simply can't allow it to happen.

Of course, all we can do is support the team - the rest is out of our hands. But a noisy Carrow Road is far more likely to yield the necessary points haul, than a quiet one.

PTP still talks about us being “only ten points off the play offs,” I really hope such statements are merely a diversionary - or even self-protecting - tactic.

Come the Wolves game there should not be a fan in doubt of its importance - even more so for Leeds. I'm a cynical sod too - but we really have got to get up for these games.

If we just sit there and moan again we're as bad as some of those complacent buggers on the board.

As a footnote, don't forget that when Leeds came down to the Carra last season their fans seemed to think it was our “cup final,” such is the majesty of their club.

How about we get revenge, in the best possible way, by sticking another nail in their coffin?

“Kick it off…” OTBC.

t Some positive whispers out of Colney this week.

It appears Peter the Pointer (PTP) is going to be allowed to get his own first team coach in - following the departure of foul-mouthed Keith Webb.

The Man was worried Doomcaster would veto such an appointment; but PTP is set to get his way.

Despite that fact Martin Hunter - ludicrously - was referred to as our most important signing of the summer (substitute 'most important' for 'only' and you are closer to the truth), The Man can't really get excited about such things.

However, any new ideas and leadership are most welcome at this time.

As for potential candidates, The Man would not stray too far from a certain Watford centre half for an answer.

t The Man bumped into a Sunderland fan he used to work with this week.

Tentatively, I asked him about Chris Brown.

The Mackem's face broke into a broad grin.

I hope Mr Brown is up for a fight to prove people wrong - because there are a lot of people who have judged him before he's really kicked a ball for us.

Time will tell; and good luck to him.


You have got to love Huckerby. Like a socialist back-bencher getting up the noses of his New Labour bosses - every so often he comes out with a blatant truth no-one else will dare admit to.

He is Norwich City's answer to Ian Gibson.

This week he revealed it was obvious certain players at the club simply didn't want to be there.

He put it into context by saying the same thing happens at all clubs - but you got his drift.

From The Man's point of view, it was just great to hear someone from the club admit to it.

Whatever happens, Hux will always have a place in The Man's heart for that special season he gave us.

PTP may well lay into him for not tracking back: but at least he's got some desire about him.

As for the players that don't want to be here - well we sure as hell don't want you here either.

The sooner the current gaggle of losers is removed the better. No need to mention names - we know who they are.


As old Greavsie used to say - it really is a funny old game.

The Man spotted the following quotes this week, from our former stopper Robert Green.

Greeno was talking about being dropped at his beloved West Ham.

He said: “It is ridiculous to get down about these things.

“You are no good to anybody if you get depressed and start moaning and groaning.

“Sometimes people who kick up a fuss get their own way but you have just got to get on with it and work hard.”

Good attitude eh?

But for us Norwich fans such sentiments don't really ring true…

It was plain for all to see that Greeno did not want to be with us last season.

The Man would go so far as to say his moping reaching epidemic levels - and lest we forget his downright refusal to play in the final few games.

It has even been rumoured he went into Worthy's office at one point and said he was off back-packing unless he got a move.

Still, no point moaning and making a fuss eh Robert?

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