Now it's time for Canaries to kick on!

Mathias Normann of Norwich, Ozan Kabak of Norwich and Grant Hanley of Norwich at Burnley

A job well done at Burnley for Norwich City trio Mathias Normann, Ozan Kabak and Grant Hanley - Credit: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd

Hallelujah! Finally the run is over - after 1,530 minutes Norwich City have their first point in the Premier League since January 28, 2020.

It feels good. I must admit I’ve never been unlucky enough to have been involved in such a bad run of results as a player, but I can imagine the feeling in that away dressing room up at Turf Moor after the game. Even though it wasn’t a win I bet it was bouncing. 

The scoreboard tells the story of Norwich's first point of the season in the Premier League

Every picture tells a story - this one says a breakthrough, of sorts, has been made by Norwich City - Credit: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd

I remember back in the 1994-95 season when I was playing for Leicester. We’d just been promoted to the Premier League and we'd taken just one point from our opening five games, and that came in a home draw against QPR. The so-called experts were saying all sorts of negative things about us, a bit like what’s been said about Norwich recently... more of that later! 

It was a tough time as we could read and hear people’s opinions about us, but in a way it made us a stronger group and more determined to shove the negative comments straight back down people’s throats. 

In our sixth game of the season we welcomed Spurs to Filbert Street - they had the likes of Sol Campbell, Darren Anderton, Teddy Sheringham and the one and only Jurgen Klinsmann in their line-up. It was by far our toughest test up to then, but we went out there with such a determination to prove people wrong - and that’s exactly what we did.

We won the game 3-1 and, yes, Jurgen scored a consolation goal and, yes, he did his famous diving celebration, but nothing was going to stop us enjoying the moment when the final whistle went. 

It was a start for us, we were off the mark and we went on to lose just one of our next five games - away to Chelsea - and believe it or not people actually started saying some nice things about us, which we completely ignored as we knew if we started losing games again then it wouldn’t take the negativity long to rear its ugly head once again. 

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I read the expert that is Jamie O’Hara’s opinion on Norwich on Wednesday and how the Premier League should be reduced to 18 teams so it could get rid of the "dross" like Norwich for example. Once again, it was a lot of noise coming from someone who’s somehow now being paid to talk such drivel on national radio. Having played just 246 games in his professional career he’s probably more well known for his stint on Big Brother a few years ago! 

In all seriousness, if you want to have a go at Norwich then do so - we’re all allowed an opinion, but as I said a few weeks ago, have the decency to at least do some homework on the subject. O’Hara went on about how big clubs like Nottingham Forest, Derby and Sheffield Wednesday are missing out and should be replacing the likes of Norwich and one or two other clubs. All three are big clubs, but you have to earn the right to play in the Premier League and they simply haven’t. 

Forest haven’t played top-flight football since they were relegated in the 98-99 season. Derby have spent one of their last 19 years in the Premier League and have the unwanted tag of being the worst team in Premier League history. Similarly, Sheffield Wednesday, a massive club, have not kicked a ball since they were relegated in the 99-00 season and have spent five of their last 21 seasons in the third tier of English football,. So none of the three is entitled to anything. As I said, success has to be earned.

Both Derby and Wednesday have gone into administration in recent years, having tried to buy their way into the Premier League. Forest nearly went into administration back in 2004, but were given a lifeline at the last minute.

I’m not having a pop at these three clubs as they are all full of history and tradition. I’m simply pointing out that if you’re going to have a go at Norwich City and say that certain clubs deserve the chance to play in the Premier League rather than the Canaries, then please have better examples as Norwich have never gambled with the club's future by spending well beyond their means.

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