King's Lynn fans meeting off

Thursday night's planned King's Lynn fans' trust meeting has been postponed.The Blue & Gold Trust have issued a statement, apologising for any confusion caused and explaining that they feel it is too early to hold an open meeting about the future of the Linnets.

Thursday night's planned King's Lynn fans' trust meeting has been postponed.

The Blue & Gold Trust have issued a statement on the club's fans' forum, apologising for any confusion caused and explaining that they feel it is too early to hold an open meeting about the future of the Linnets.

The statement read: “As a result of the Blue & Gold Trust directors meeting this evening, and having considered all aspects of the current legal position regarding the club, with the directors still having control of the football club, pending any potential appeal within seven days of the winding up order, it has been decided it is too soon to hold an open meeting.

“The Trust are anxious to talk to supporters regarding the current and future situation but feel it necessary to wait until after the deadline for appeal has passed before holding a full public meeting.

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“We as a trust want to be open and honest with our members but are concerned that the full facts have not been revealed and any meeting prior to this date will be pure speculation.

“We intend to hold a meeting on the first available date if no appeal is made. Date and venue to be confirmed.

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“Please be assured that the Trust is actively seeking a resolution to the current situation and secure the future of football in King's Lynn.

“I (Julian Gamble ) would also like to personally apologise to fellow board members for taking the decision to state openly that we were going to hold an supporters meeting without first, going to full board for approval and not considering all of the issues involved.

“I would also like to offer personal apologies to all supporters of King's Lynn FC for any confusion I have caused.”

The Trust has also gone on to issue this press release:

“Like all supporters, the Blue and Gold Trust (Kings Lynn Supporters Trust) are devastated at the news that Kings Lynn Football Club have been wound up in the High Court in London.

We have worked hard on behalf of all fans to prevent this, and as late as Wednesday morning we were hopeful of finding a way through the problems with the tax authorities and other parties.

If this decision is to be reversed, an appeal needs to be lodged within seven days by the board of directors of the football club.

Because of these circumstances, it is clear that there are two choices for us all:

1 To try to save the existing Club by taking it out of the hands of the existing directors, successfully appealing to the High Court to reverse the winding up order, paying off the debt it owes, settling with other creditors, and continuing the season

2 To form a new Club as soon as possible, negotiate a new lease with the Council for The Walks, and apply for a new league in May

We believe it's critical that we don't give up on the existing Club if it can still be saved; although the situation appears hopeless at the moment, we also know that circumstances change very quickly. We will continue to actively seek ways to save the existing Club, and we appeal to anyone in Kings Lynn to approach us if they think they can help us achieve this. Please email if this applies to you.

But we would be equally foolish to ignore the need to make sure that if the worst does happen, and if any appeal is unsuccessful that we have a Club to support, and so with our advisors Supporters Direct we are working on a Plan B to reform the Club.

Although this is the saddest of times for all of us, it is also a time where we all need to be focused as supporters on the outcome. Whatever happens today, in the next seven days, or the next seven months, a football club in Kings Lynn will live on, and we must all be focused on ensuring that outcome, proudly continuing the history of the last 130 years.”

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