Lappin’s strike eased the pain

THERE are certain moments in a season when all the suffering is made worthwhile. The fact that in our case misery generally outweighs joy only serves to heighten the delirium when something goes right.

THERE are certain moments in a season when all the suffering is made worthwhile.

The fact that in our case misery generally outweighs joy only serves to heighten the delirium when something goes right.

There we all stood - deep into injury time at Kenilworth Road - wondering if one of those rare moments was about to arrive.

And then…it happened.

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I don't think I've celebrated a goal like that since Safri's humdinger against Newcastle. Pop.

For about 30 seconds The Man formed part of an ecstatic mesh of flailing limbs; the glorious backdrop to which was the mouthy Luton fans streaming for the exit. Perfect. It was so un-Norwich like.

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It's us that lets in last minute goals. It's us that concedes from set pieces.

It's us that sits back and lets the opposition attack.

The Man is not sure whether we deserved the three points, but he sure as hell doesn't care either.

It's nights like Tuesday that remind The Man why he keeps going; I was still punching the air on the walk to work the next day.

Aside from Lappy, a word too for Chris Martin.

It's important we don't get too excited about this lad - but The Man can't help but feel he is the business.

'Super, super Chris…'



POOR old Paul Gallacher.

In the job security stakes - he must be feeling like a Bernard Matthews poultry worker right now.

He's seen now fewer than FOUR goalkeepers drafted in this season on loan.

But you have to wonder - has Gally got some sort of voodoo stuff going on?

Because Green, Ashdown, Camp and Marshall have all departed...for Gallacher to miraculously reappear in the first team. Tony Warner had better watch his back...


GRANT was in good form this week, as he speculated there's sure to come a time when Chris Martin's form dips and people get on his back.

The Man is not convinced that will ever happen - given CM is a City boy - but we shall see.

Anyway, Granty said: “It's a typical British mentality - we're putting them up there to then kick them up the backside.

“It's amazing - Ryan Jarvis was getting absolutely hammered now all of a sudden he's king of the castle. That sums it up to me.

“All of a sudden he became world class because he scored five goals for Orient.”

Great stuff - The Man loves the 'king of the castle' line. However, let's get one thing straight - very few people now consider Jarvis to be world class.

In fact, it's probably only Ryan and his dad that will ever think that. But what people are pleased to hear is that it appears the Fakenham stroller is now adding a bit of graft to his game. The Man really hopes he comes back to the Carra and proves me wrong.


THE CLUB revealed more than 11,000 fans renewed their season tickets ahead of the first deadline - although the number is sure to have risen by close of play today.

Not bad eh? Especially given the dross we've been served up.

The Doomcaster rightly heralded the renewals, but there's no doubt he'll have been a bit worried about them too.

Because by the first deadline last season - so the boy at Archant tells me - we had shifted 15,500 tickets.

To be honest, The Man would be amazed if we matched last season's sales.

A third consecutive season of failure is going to have to manifest itself off the pitch somehow. As for me, I've never seen a season ticket as a vote of confidence - or mandate - for what the club is doing.

It's just me saying: 'I'd rather there was a Norwich City than not, here's some money to try and keep going.'

But everyone has their own pressures, and they're entitled to vote with their feet.


THE MAN had a little chortle to himself last weekend when a Sunday newspaper reported we were after a striker called Jason Scotland.

It seemed Peter the Pointer (PTP) was not happy with simply signing Scottish players - he actually wanted to see 'Scotland' on one of the shirts.

For the record, Jason Scotland is not Scottish, he is from Trinidad and Tobago.

On the subject of strikers, The Man has heard on decent authority that we were all set to re-sign Chris Sutton recently.

The former Hellesdon High School boy had fallen down the pecking order at Villa - and was set for the Carra, before an eye problem ruled him out. I could have sworn someone said he was too old for us. Strange times.


IT SOUNDS a bit like teenage kids arranging a scrap after school… “Meet you outside the swimming pool at six!”

But that was this week's rallying call from a member of our support who wants the board sacked.

The character in question will be holding his protest outside the Riverside Swimming Pool before the Derby game. The Man is not without his own frustrations over the work of the current set-up - but calls to sack the board are a bit over-the-top.

Grab them by the ears and give them a good shake? Yes. Demand that they all stand down? No.

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