Let's make this exit dignified

It was a day that had to come. Time waits for no man, even Darren Huckerby. Roeder revealed that he was “pretty certain” Hucks had decided this was his last season at the club.

It was a day that had to come. Time waits for no man, even Darren Huckerby.

Roeder revealed that he was “pretty certain” Hucks had decided this was his last season at the club.

The Man has made no secret of his admiration for DH, and thousands of others feel the same. He is a star.

He retains a special place in the hearts of Norwich fans, but now is not the time for leaving speeches.

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There are still three months of the season to go, with a lot of football to be played.

Hucks is still one of the most dangerous players in this division - a player opposition fans fear - and let's hope we get to see a few more glimpses of magic before he departs.

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What must not happen is for this to become a bitter fallout.

At times both Hucks and Roeder are prickly characters, and The Man just hopes they can keep this exit dignified.

Certainly Hucks is never far from an outburst, if he feels something needs to be said.

The Man suspects something may be brewing, but with Roeder having done such a sensational job, the mandate does not exist. Unlike at Wolves away.

And that is the key, for the first time in Huckerby's tenure at the club there is another man on the scene who has as much clout as him.

Worthington and Grant were always in Hucks' shadow, Roeder certainly is not.

Glenn has rescued this club from League One, and for that the fans are very grateful. Very Grateful.

He started to win games without Hucks, and once that happened you sensed there would only be one outcome.

In an ideal world we would keep both - and maybe there's still an outside chance Hucks could stay - but it seems unlikely.

Make the most of seeing DH in a yellow shirt folks, we won't have another player like him in a long, long time.

A true legend.

t As usual, The Man enjoyed reading Roeder's assorted comments this week.

I find it difficult to believe that some pundits in the past dismissed Glenn as being “too nice” for football management.

It seems to me, and The Man means this in the best possible way, he is anything but “nice”. And long may it last; it's the perfect antidote to some of our homespun complacency.

There was one particular belief which Roeder shared this week, which The Man has long since shared.

That is, when it comes to motivating a team, each player needs to find their own reason to succeed.

As much as we'd like it to, winning a game for Norwich City's fans is not what makes every player tick.

Proving someone wrong, family, money, career development - each player will get wound up by a different motivation.

It's great to hear that Roeder is trying to tap into that - it may also go some way in explaining the reversal in performances in certain players after the departure of Peter the (Disa)pointer.

On this score, The Man would like to flag up a little morsel of motivation for Curo. Last week, in his column, the editor of the Ipswich Star described Curo as an “underwhelming journeyman striker”.

Just a little something for Jamie to bear head of April 13th.

The Man has long since pencilled it in as a day of significant retribution.

t Former Norwich striker Dean Ashton found himself the victim of the West Ham boo boys last week.

These are the same fans who just a few weeks ago were saying Ashton should be in the England reckoning.

To The Man's mind - and I know this is an issue that divides Norwich fans - I think Ashton deserves any stick that comes his way.

Walking out on us for such a regularly poisonous club as West Ham, you are asking for trouble.

Hopefully one day Ashton will get a move to a decent club and can progress with the talent he undoubtedly has.

There is some good news for Deano though, as The Man understands our kit man Terry Postle has kept hold of Jon Hartson's Norwich shorts, just in case DA fancies a return to the Fine City's team.

t The excuse of the week award had to go to Man U following their excellent defeat to Manchester City. Carlos Queeroz moaned: “We had several players away in the week on international duty and these sort of results always seem to follow.

“Every time our players come back from such fixtures we struggle.”

Ah, those draining international fixtures, with players travelling all over Europe to take part in pointless friendlies. Poor old Man U.

Sending your entire squad on a 6,000-mile jaunt to Saudi Arabia at the end of January to sell some shirts is fine though…

t In case anyone missed it, Hull City won the Champions League at Carrow Road on Tuesday.

They didn't, of course, but they sure as hell celebrated as if they had.

They also matched Derby County for time-wasting, and deployed a ten-man defence.

All of which should be taken as a big compliment by our management, players and fans.

In this division, Carrow Road should definitely be one of THE toughest away trips. No question. OTBC.

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