Life in the Norwich City fun lane

Has it ever been so much fun to be a City fan? Well, yes. But since 1902, it won’t have been very often.

What a weekend. Two seasons ago we couldn’t handle the pressure and lost live on TV 48 hours after our relegation rivals won. We blew it.

This time round we watched the Chumpionship’s ‘best’ fluff their lines. Then we actually did the business on TV… and then some.

Because it wasn’t just the fact we won against Brizzle. It was the fact we dominated from start to finish. We took them apart.

We looked every inch the side that’s going up. We used the 90 minutes to take the pressure on the likes of Forest, Swansea and Cardiff, and dump on a load more from where that came from.

But The Man knows City. Nothing’s easy. Hull still have that appealing legacy of Phil Orangey-Brown. The one where they like themselves too much.

The fact they scraped a win down here last year won’t have helped. Sod’s law they complete a double over us on Saturday and the bubble punctures.

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But then, Lambo’s City isn’t our usual City…

• Lambo has delivered in some style with Henri Lansbury.

We were all terrified of loans about a year ago, but Lambinho’s cured that.

Henri is a class act. The kind of player you’d keep here at all costs, if they didn’t play for Arsenal.

The Man admits he’s never wanted to see someone so bad at dancing do it so often.

• It’ll be a dilemma for City this week. Obviously this Craig Mackail-Smith sounds decent, and another striker would do us the world of good.

But maybe Posh have been buying from the likes of Waitrose for too long?

Surely �3m for a player who has one indifferent Chumpionship season under his belt is a ridiculous amount in the first place. Let alone asking us for even more.

So Elliott Bennett in January and now CMS. Both want to come here but weren’t allowed by their clubs despite good money on the table.

Safe to say football’s not at the ‘player power gone crazy’ stage then.

• Perfect balance between freak results against our promotion rivals and abject performances for the rest.

Keep it up Jewelly. Premier League at Poorman Road anyone?

• So Michael Flapalotklitos is the hero of Aussie football. The Man is clearly one for grudges, but given what the bloke helped deliver at Carrow Road through 90 minutes of Aussie rules, The Man is willing to let bygones be bygones.

So here’s to Flapalotklitos, Australian legend and the man that brought us Lambo that bit quicker – good on ya.