Linnets hit by Johnson resignation

Chris Lakey Andy Johnson insists he has nothing but good to say about his former team-mates at King's Lynn, despite walking out on the club over "a matter of principle".

Chris Lakey

Andy Johnson insists he has nothing but good to say about his former team-mates at King's Lynn, despite walking out on the club over "a matter of principle".

The former Norwich and West Brom midfielder, who was assistant to manager Carl Heggs, says he feels "let down" by the club over money issues dating back to last season.

But he says there has been no fall-out with the Linnets boss and that he feels the breakdown is entirely the fault of the club.

Johnson, 35, claims he is still owed money from last season and has not been paid fully during the current campaign. Although he refused to reveal any figures, it is understood it involves a four-figure sum.

"I haven't been paid all my money from last year yet," said Johnson, who joined Lynn in January and was appointed as Heggs' assistant in June. "I was promised it would get sorted out before the beginning of this season. I keep getting, 'it will be there next week, I'll get it to you next week', and that sort of stuff. We've been paid three times and two of my wage packets have been short and I just think, what's the point?

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"It is not about the money. I have a year left on the contract I signed last year and because of the financial problems I told them to take me off the contract and pay me half of what I am owed on the contract. The money I was supposed to get through the summer I waived. All I want is the money I am owed for last season.

"I have done all I can, I have bent over backwards for the place.

"I live in Worcester so I'm getting home from games at 2am. The away fans know what it's like. I bring four lads in with me for training - I do two trips for training, one trip for the game, I have got all the lads in the car with me."

Lynn's financial problems last season, when players were told to take salary cuts are well documented, but Johnson says his is an isolated incident.

"None of the lads have had this, this is purely me," Johnson said. "I don't think we have another bad situation now. They cut the wage bill and rightly so from last season and I turned round and played my part, but this is about the principles. I am doing my part, Carl is doing his part.

"It's the football club. I am not going around blaming individual people. As a football club they have let me down."

Johnson leaves with a message of good luck for Heggs.

"I am gutted it has ended this way, absolutely gutted," he said. "It's a smashing club and that's the worst thing about it. I'm really going to miss it, I enjoyed playing there I enjoyed being the assistant manager there, they're a great bunch of lads and I think they are going to do well this season. It is just a real shame and I am proper gutted about it."

Heggs, who says he already has someone in mind to replace Johnson, says he has no problems with the club's finances and payments.

"Andy has made a decision he doesn't want to be at the football club any more," said Heggs. "Every player at my football club has been paid in full, there is not one player in my squad who is owed any money.

"Whether there is a separate issues with Andy Johnson I don't know. I don't know whether Andy had a private agreement or whatever, that is something I won't get involved in. There is no issue with no money or anything like that.

"I have to do what I have always done - I have lost the best centre forward in the league, Gareth Sheldon. I go and find another one and I found Danny Spencer who scored two goals on his debut. Now I have lost my left-sided centre half to a broken collarbone, so I have to bring in another one. Andy Johnson has left - what do you do, bury your head in the sand? No, you move on.

"I have got to find another assistant to come in as quick as I can to pick up the reins of what I am trying to do at the football club.

"King's Lynn Football Club is more important than Carl Heggs and Andy Johnson."