Loftus Road – land of the unexpected

So somehow it’s first versus third at Loftus Road on Saturday – doubt many would’ve predicted that in the middle of June.

Dear old Colin is threatening to do more than his usual ‘leave a team to wilt in the play-offs’ act this season.

That said, he’s got more than enough money to throw things down there so hardly surprising.

And then there’s us. A team the papers keep heaping the expectation on apparently.

Thing is, The Man can’t see it. There aren’t many national hacks out there looking at Norwich City as genuine promotion contenders. They’ll be sitting on the fence for another few months at least.

And the local rags seem content on pointing out the fact it’s going well – which is unusually subdued.

Mind you, The Man wonders what happens if we go and win on Saturday. Just imagine that.

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QPR haven’t conceded at goal at home apparently, and they’ve only dropped four points this season – pretty impressive stuff.

Maybe Saturday will be the day Lambo is proven right. Maybe the supposed gulf will appear. Maybe we’re all expecting far to much from a bunch of players more comfortable wiping the floor with League One’s fodder.

But we know how this works. Lambo will send them out to win, the players will believe they can win and we’ll turn up so there’s a decent crowd in Shepherd’s Bush for once.

Do us proud lads and, whatever the gaffer says in public, go make a name for yourselves.

• So Bristol City think loans will bail them out. Right.

Danny Rose – decent player. Purveyor of fine OGs. But the players to get you out of trouble?

Trust us, we know. If it doesn’t get you in one season, it will the next.

There are so many Chumpionship sides pinning their budgets on loans – and it makes The Man smurk to think come away from being there and getting the relegation T-shirt.

• While we’re on Bristol, why do they feel the need for a new ground to replace Ashton Gate? They can’t fill where they are at the moment.

Aren’t there enough places to accommodate the 2018 World Cup already – not that it’ll come here – plus The Man thinks village greens are underrated. If they keep taking their eye off the ball, they’ll most likely end up with a lovely borrowed stadium in League One.

• So the Under-21s came and went.Carrow Road hosted a lot of people and The Man doubts there was much money in it for us.

Good for the club’s profile, but it’s just a side show to proper football. Not a fan of these infernal breaks.