Looking forwards not back

John Tilson, NCISA This being the last NCISA article of 2007 the question is: do we review the last year or do we look forward to 2008?

John Tilson, NCISA

THIS being the last NCISA article of 2007 the question is: do we review the last year or do we look forward to 2008?.

Our chief executive once informed me that “hindsight is an exact science”.

So let's forget this last year and not state the obvious failings which are painfully well aware to us all. However these same failings crop up season after season.

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It is about time that 2008 should see Norwich City make positive strides forward to achieve the feel good factor all us long suffering fans deserve.

The problem is that as we approach the new year we are involved in a scrap at the bottom of the table and find ourselves in our lowest position in the league for many, many years.

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Yes since Glenn Roeder took over results and team have greatly improved but we are only two points away from the bottom three and a poor run of only two or three games could find us in big trouble again.

I just feel that certain sections of our supporters are beginning to adopt the “we are too good to go down” attitude on the back of results against the likes of the mighty Colchester and Scunthorpe.

Why else let out one of the biggest cheers in the ground on Boxing Day when the scoreboard read: Leicester 2, Ipswich 0.

For goodness sake, I know it was Ipswich but with Leicester on the same points as City surely we wanted Ipswich to chalk up their first away victory of the season.

Just remember we have played the bottom three away from home and managed two points out of nine.

Another sobering thought is Crystal Palace away in a couple of days time. We always do well at Selhurst Park do we not?

I had better not carry on because last week NCISA secretary Kathy Blake tried to tell you I was all gloom and doom.

I am a realist and until the season is over and we have maintained our status as a championship club I shall keep my feet firmly on the ground, and not let emotions and yellow and green mist take over, I want that day to arrive believe me.

Finally since taking over from Roy as first acting chairman in May and then chairman at our annual meeting in September, I want to thank all my committee for helping me these past six months or so and a special mention to David Maidstone who is joining the committee in a couple of weeks time.

David expressed a desire to come on board so if anyone else has that desire do not hesitate to get in touch.

Football is all about options but whether you like or loath NCISA as a body or individuals within it, one thing runs through us all and that is our love of Norwich City Football Club.

So if anybody has a problem with the association or its committee do not bother with the internet, give us a call because as some of you know Kathy and I are always willing to meet people with issues over a pint.

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