Matt Howman: Does any other Norwich City fan miss the Championship?

Some Norwich City fans are missing the thrills and spills of the Championship. Picture: Paul Chester

Some Norwich City fans are missing the thrills and spills of the Championship. Picture: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images - Credit: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd

I’m sure it will pass. It usually does after a win. But, you are probably thinking it too... I miss the Championship.

The Premier League is always seen as the holy grail of football: the highest standard, the biggest stadiums, the best players… the major leagues.

There is no doubt that win over Manchester City is one I will never forget, but the past few weeks have been a cruel, grim reminder how much of a slog the Premier League is when you're coming up from the Championship.

There's never been a time when the club have been better prepared for a season. Forget the transfer activity in the summer, the training ground has been brought to top spec, there's been investment in the youth academy, the coaching staff… I don't think City have ever had it so good. However, after 11 games we are still talking about the same problems we were the last three times we were in the Premier League.

Shaky defence… too easy to beat… conceding soft goals away from home. You could put Lambert's side to those statements, Chris Hughton's and Alex Neil's. The obvious reason this season has been the injuries to Timm Klose and Christoph Zimmermann but there is a small voice in the back of my mind which says our results wouldn't have been too dissimilar had they been in the side, we are coming up against too much quality.

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Frustratingly, Sheffield United have had a great start to their season, they are a good example of coming up and being solid as a team, but I would be the first to say "no thanks" if someone offered us Wilder's style of football.

Stuart Webber and Daniel Farke have done it the right way to get us to the position we are in, and despite the recent run of results we should fully support Farke sticking to the way he wants to play. Results are one thing, but there's no way you would trade watching the football we have played in the past year for dour, drab football which is uninspiring and boring, albeit effective in joining the "Pulis, Allardyce and Bruce" school of safe-hands football.

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From the moment we achieved promotion my view has always remained the same: the players that earned us promotion fully deserved a run in the Premier League and the chance to test themselves at the highest level. Eleven games in, we are seeing that all of our players can perform at this level, however perhaps not displaying it consistently enough thus far, that would earn the points required to stay up.

The club could go out in January and add some additional resources, but at the moment we are seeing a squad of players giving 100pc effort and application, so perhaps another view is that we carry on as we are and if we do get relegated as a result, we just accept it and go again next season, with a squad of players better developed and more experienced as a result.

It feels wrong to be thinking about relegation already, but after the Brighton result there are a large number of fans already voicing concern that we are heading that way, which may be the case based on our current run but there are plenty of points left to play for, and a number of other teams who aren't having it much easier.

It has been an up and down first part of the season, and there is still plenty of positive moments to look forward to, but you can't help but miss the Saturday, Tuesday mix of fixtures; the excitement of chasing our way up the table; missing the chance to be a part of Leeds throwing it all away at the final hurdle.

The Premier League is where we need to aspire to be, but you can't help but miss the excitement that you get from a season in the Championship.

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