Mendham has change of heart over his return

Former Norwich City midfielder Peter Mendham claims press intrusion has persuaded him not to take up the assistant manager’s role at Newmarket Town.

Mendham - who was released from prison last year, three years after pleading guilty to wounding with intent - had agreed to become assistant to Kevin Grainger, but has now had a change of heart.

Grainger said he was told of the news by email and explained that the 51-year-old Mendham – a Milk Cup winner with Norwich City in 1985 – did not want the intrusion into his past affecting his family, who still reside in Norwich.

“Peter was looking to get back into football and I was looking for a new coach, so it was a perfect fit,” he said.

“However, from his point of view, he feels he has been hassled by the press about his past and he no longer feels he can take the position up.

“He still has family in Norwich and obviously he does not want the intrusion into his life about what happened in the past. It is a massive shame for us because we were looking forward to his involvement with the club.

“It is gutting really for everyone involved, but maybe in the future we still look to trying to work something out. Sometimes things do not always work out in football and it is a shame.”