Mixed fortunes for Mousehold sides

Mousehold 2, Marlborough OB 4Mousehold first team had a truly miserable day in comparison with their reserves. They went down 1-0 within the first 10 minutes when Marlborough had a free kick from the left and chipped it in to an unmarked man on the six-yard line who volleyed it in.

Mousehold 2, Marlborough OB 4

Mousehold first team had a truly miserable day in comparison with their reserves.

They went down 1-0 within the first 10 minutes when Marlborough had a free kick from the left and chipped it in to an unmarked man on the six-yard line who volleyed it in.

Five minutes later Gareth took on a couple of players and was fouled inside the penalty area, but managed to get the ball away to Ben Jacob as he went down.

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While everyone was busy calling for a penalty Ben smashed it into the back of the net for the equaliser.

For five minutes it seemed this was the motivation everyone needed and Mousehold would steam onwards, but with the next Marlborough goal Mousehold players seemed to just stop trying.

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This goal came with a breakaway down the left, a cross into the area and a mix-up between keeper and Billy Bowden with the ball falling to the Marlborough striker who knocked it home from a couple of yards out.

Another five minutes and Marlborough had a corner on the right, Sam Jenkins went up to header the clearance, but had his hand on the defender's back and a penalty was awarded, which Marlborough successfully converted to make it 3-1.

At this point Billy Bowden came off for Ian Hipperson, before the Marlborough fourth came from a counter-attack with their striker running half the pitch; he made a long punt forward, their striker was clean through and slotted the ball home.

After half time the formation remained the same, and on about 10 minutes in the ball came in from the right, Chris Daniels headed the it into the box and Sam Jenkins smashed it into the net from the penalty spot.

For the remainder of the half there was little action; a couple of chances at either end, with Mousehold chasing and Marlborough defending; a change with Chris Daniels coming off and Andy Brown on with 20 minutes to go, but no further goals were forthcoming and the game finished 4-2.

Man of the Match: Ian Hipperson.

Mousehold Res 3, Dyers Arms 2

Mousehold Reserves played uphill in the first half, and took five minutes to even kick the ball, by which time they were already 1-0 down, Dyers scoring from their first attack.

Within 10 minutes they were 2-0 down, with the Dyer's striker going through the defence with no challenges. Jason Brooks came off injured and Will Bowers came on in his place.

Mousehold had chances in the first half, hitting the bar, hitting the post, but no one could get a decent shot on the final ball. Dyers looked as though they were about to be awarded a penalty halfway through the first half, but the Mousehold linesman had flagged for offside, and the referee awarded a free kick to Mousehold instead.

Mousehold held out to half time, when the manager chewed the team out for their performance.

Mousehold were now playing downhill, and it really did make a difference. Dyers never really came through the defence in the second half.

Halfway through Fraser McLean finally put Mousehold on the score sheet, when Chris Vines crossed the ball in from a free kick, Fraser headed it at the near post, and it went in off the crossbar.

Mousehold heads went up, thinking they could get something out of this game, but the clock was ticking.

With 20 minutes to go Barry Woods came off and Bruno Pinto came on and had an immediate impact; although he was playing at the back he pushed forward in attack a lot and put in some good crosses. He hit a post and the bar with his crosses, but there was no-one on the end to finish.

With 15 minutes to go Chris Vines came off and Matt Brown came on. With 10 minutes to go Fraser was involved with the second goal, putting in a cross which Andy Wenn got on the end off to bring the score level.

Mousehold now thought to defend the point but with just one minute to go Andy Wenn started one of his trademark runs, but the ball was stopped by Stu Petrie in defence, who then fumbled the clearance and deflected the ball into Matt Brown's path, who took a second to steady himself on the penalty spot then took the shot.

The ball came in off a post leaving the keeper stranded, and Matt headed off for a lap of honour round the corner flag before being bundled by his team-mates.

Man of the Match: Dan Tolliday for a solid centre-half performance.

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