Monday 7s League: End of Season - Premiership

Winners Ajax Trees Down have charged their way to the title by winning every game.

They were a new team to Monday night having moved from the Thursday Premier League to seek a greater challenge, and they comfortably saw away everyone on their way to glory. Having opened their campaign with a 6-3 win over runners up Hardly Athletic, they continued this form week after week, only Real Ale Madrid pushed them close following a 5-4 score on week two of the season.

With The Antics being the team to beat after the previous season, Ajax Trees Down soon showed that they were the new kids on the block, a great effort from Sam Littleboy and his team.

Runners Up Hardly Athletic have been in the 7-a-side league for three seasons, and they now have something to show for their efforts. They have the honour of being the only team in two seasons of 7-a-side football at Goals to defeat The Antics, and they did it twice.

With strong opposition in this league, Ben Hallett and his team can be pleased with their efforts in coming second. They ended the season with six wins and three defeats, with the second meanest defence in the division behind the eventual champions.

With the new season under away, Hardly Athletic will be one of the favourites to win the title this time out.