Money starting to talk for Norwich City’s rivals

There is always one weekend that proves pivotal in a season. The Man wonders if we’ve just had it.

Before anyone gets ready to shout this down, it’s not going to be a slug-fest at the fact Lambo got it wrong on Saturday and we actually lost a game away from Carra Rud.

What we did plays a part in it, of course, but it was everything else outside Turf Moor – aptly named given little has changed since someone turfed the hill outside such a picturesque northern town.

QPR scraped a late winner at Reading, having spent more than half the game with only 10 men.

The guy who scored was someone they brought in during January. Someone probably earning more than all our new year recruits put together.

And of course, the Madejski Stadium is where we were 3-1 up when Holty got his half-time marching orders from a child referee and we felt lucky to leave with a point. Tut.

Then you’ve got Forest. All of a sudden they look complete shoe-ins for an automatic spot.

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The Man’s not sure where they came from, but the Chumpionship table looks pretty good for them right now.

You suppose it’s too much to hope Forest and Cardiff both blow it in the same season.

Speaking of the broke Blueberrys, it’s hard not to feel cheated given their ‘investment’ in Bellers.

God knows how many of Lambo’s signings it’d take to match what Man City are shelling out for effectively a Cardiff player. It’s a disgrace.

• Poor old Nels. Clearly The Man wished and wishes him the best as he headed for Scunthorpe.

The big man turned his time here around remarkably quickly, given the speed he could actually turn around on the pitch – especially in that debut against the Ewes.

At least he can draw on that experience given Scunny got smashed 5-1 at home by Hull on his debut up there.

Football: Where lightning usually strikes twice.

• So Elliott Bennett wanted to come here so much, he got yellow boots.

But despite putting in a transfer request saying he wanted to leave, he got scared about swapping them for his old bl*e and wh**e ones during January, incase the fans got on his back. Uh…what about the actual transfer request, Elliott?

For the record. Any player here who doesn’t want to be – or at least makes it official – would probably have more to worry about than the colour of his shiny new boots.

They’d also be fairly stupid, or not good enough.

• Michael Foulger has got it spot on this time: �2m to Lambo for players, he gets shares, no fans feel guilty. Seriously, well done that man.