Mousehold earn fine win

Mousehold 3, Salhouse 0After manager Ryan's comments in last week's match reports, and the welcome return of some much-missed players, Mousehold performed well and kept their focus in this week's game.

Mousehold 3, Salhouse 0

After manager Ryan's comments in last week's match reports, and the welcome return of some much-missed players, Mousehold performed well and kept their focus in this week's game.

Twelve minutes in and Salhouse were disappointed when their goal was ruled offside.

Mousehold were annoyed they let Salhouse get that close with a silly defensive mistake - a defender made a soft pass out of the box which was intercepted by a Salhouse player only just outside the penalty area leaving the goal vulnerable.

This only minutes after Matt Taylor should have scored for Mousehold, when the keeper came out of his area and Matt was perfectly lined up for a shot, only for a defender in the goalmouth to make a last-ditch save with his head.

The rest of the first half continued to be hard fought on both sides, both pushing, and with several chances either way.

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After 47 minutes a Salhouse player went down injured and after several minutes of treatment on the pitch, the referee made the decision to end the half.

The first half was far from uneventful, and the second half soon proved to be even more so.

Eleven minutes from the whistle Mousehold scored a controversial goal; all the Salhouse players stopped playing to appeal to the referee for offside.

After some hesitation Joe Wilkes realised the referee was over-ruling the linesman and was not stopping play, so carried on and scored.

Play stopped further while the referee spoke to the Salhouse players who were upset at the decision.

Mousehold then started to get comfy in their 1-0 lead, letting the ball through.

Salhouse had several chances in quick succession, and Mark Brandish in goal for Mousehold had to make two excellent saves in less than 60 seconds to prevent Salhouse bringing the score level.

Two minutes later he made another brilliant save, a free kick with Mark at full stretch to prevent the ball tucking in under the crossbar.

Halfway through the half Mousehold made a couple of changes, bringing on Dwayne Batley and Chris Daniels.

Mousehold picked their game up and the play was end to end. The second half had been going for 51 minutes - the stoppage time in the main for the delay after Mousehold's first goal - when Matt Taylor - who had been getting more frustrated as time went on as decisions went against him thwarting his repeated efforts to get another goal - finally broke through and got Mousehold's second.

Craig Lambert did all the work, beating two defenders and was taken down on the edge of the penalty area, and yet while lying on the ground still managed to toe-poke the ball to Matt right in front of goal who made sure that this time he got his goal.

Two minutes later - now eight minutes into stoppage time - Ben Jacob knocked the ball forward for Dwayne Batley to pick up, who then beat the keeper who came out of his area, leaving Dwayne an empty goal to shoot at.

One further minute was played before the referee blew to end the game, leaving Mousehold with a 3-0 win.

Salhouse didn't really deserve the 3-0 loss as the game was very even, however Mousehold were long overdue a spot of luck.

Man of the Match was awarded to Mark Brandish, who not only pulled off seven stunning saves throughout the game along with all the less spectacular ones, and kept his head and the players focused when the defence was under pressure.

Mousehold Reserves 1, Jubilee Rangers 6

In another lacklustre performance from Mousehold Reserves, the game was lost through Mousehold's own mistakes.

Fifteen minutes in found them already 3-0 down and a substitution already made. Further misery was added when Jubilee scored a fourth just before half time.

A much-needed half-time rollocking delivered clearly had some effect as Mousehold scored quickly after the restart through a fluky sliding pass by Andy Brown which Dan Tolliday latched on to, and despite hitting the post the first time, followed it up to get the goal.

Before long though Jubilee responded twice more to put the game beyond doubt.

Man of the Match to Barry Woods for his goal-line clearances which kept the scoreline down to 6-1.