No amount of money can buy Norwich City’s team spirit

A story published in the Evening News, earlier this week, caught my eye, regarding the generosity of one of our players.

For those who haven’t seen it, Marc Tierney was helped out by some taxi drivers at Norwich Airport. They came to his rescue after his car broke down, all they did was to help him push his car to a safe place, so he could wait for a recovery vehicle. The reward for these taxi drivers was Mr Tierney turning up at Norwich Airport on Friday with multiple cases of beer and cider. It was his way of saying thank you.

Stories like this are only reported in the local papers and will never make national headlines, which I think is a real shame because so many footballers are given bad names and none more so than Carlos Tevez (deservedly so).

So, when something good happens, it’s a shame the wider public don’t hear about it. I read somewhere the other day that Andy Carroll had made a large donation to charity but nobody hears about it but as soon as he does something wrong, it’ll be all over the front of the national papers.

The actions of Marc Tierney typify the spirit within the City squad. Money can buy you some of the best players in the world in the case of Manchester City but it can’t buy you team spirit, which the City players have in abundance.

When I see our squad and the way they act and stick up for one another, the way the new players have seamlessly integrated into the squad, it makes you feel proud to be a Norwich fan.

We don’t see any antics of some of these “top” players, no headline makers, for the wrong reasons. It’s a group of players who have said on many occasions, they want to prove a few people wrong by making it in the Premier League.

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Obviously the credit for getting these players in goes to Paul Lambert and his management team but they have to have the right attitude to adapt to his ways and buy into the current ethos and so far, it’s working.

I’m loving watching us in the Premier League, I feel we’re now proving a few people wrong and even Alan Shearer was nice about us on Match of the Day last week!

One of the downsides of the Premier League is the amount of time between games, we just seem to get going and then have to have an international break. You shouldn’t wish your life away but I can’t wait for next Saturday!

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