No option but to give Grant more time

FORTY seven quid for two shots on target . . . That was the sum total of excitement Norwich fans got for the combined entrance fees to Molineux and The Valley.

FORTY seven quid for two shots on target . . . That was the sum total of excitement Norwich fans got for the combined entrance fees to Molineux and The Valley.

The Man thought Charlton would be a low point, but Wolves took things on to a whole new level.

Wolves fans are normally quite mouthy outside the ground, but I think even they had the mercy to go easy on us after what we had endured.

It was so bad it felt like lawn-mower victim Bryan Hamilton was back in the dugout.

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Brellier's pathetic sending off - playing more like The Liberal Magistrate than The Judge at the moment - summed it all up.

Somehow the Championship highlights the next day made it seem like we had got into the opposition's half, an act of TV fakery that would give GMTV or Blue Peter a run for its money.

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It was the kind of desperate performance from which the club can go one of two ways.

It either gets relegated, or it builds a siege mentality, and comes out fighting.

There were signs of improvement at Man City, as once more we produced one of our 'best' performances in a defeat.

We created the better chances apparently - they'd have been lucky to get a draw - etc . . . zzzzzzzz.

Quite frankly, unless we have got a result, The Man is not interested in how we played.

The bottom line is: three defeats, three sendings off, and no goals. Pretty conclusive.

Already the question marks are being raised over Grant.

He is unfortunate in that he has followed a manager who was given far too long to try and sort out the club's problems.

The saga has left many fans keen not to repeat the mistake and indulge a manager they perceive to be taking the club on a downward spiral.

But despite the reservations we have about Grant, we simply must give him more time.

As the club's accounts revealed this week, there is no longer a vessel to urinate in.

We can argue all day about the sheer ineptitude which has led to our demise in the past three years, but the simple fact is we are now back to square one.

Even if we got Mourinho in, he'd only be able to work with what we've got, and that ain't a lot folks.

Yes, some of Grant's purchases - The Chad, Brown, The Liberal Magistrate, Murray, Dave, Fozzy - are not exactly the source of much hope at the moment, but we have no option but to support them and hope things turn for the better.

Today's game is a six-pointer.

From what The Man has seen so far he is highly sceptical about where the other 43 points are coming from this season to keep us in this division - because I sure as hell have not seen three worse teams than us yet.

Hopefully today was the first. OTBC.

THE Man understands that Queen Delia and MWJ spent the night at Wolves' owner Steve Morgan's ranch the night before our 'match' there.

Apparently the two clans have been friends for a while, and Morgan even has a "soft spot" for Norwich.

It just makes you wonder, before Morgan decided to plough £30m into Wolves, did discussions ever take place about Morgan getting involved with us?

Obviously the deal The Golden Tit was able to offer - £10 for Wolves (a tad overpriced The Man would suggest) - was better than taking on our £20m debt, but it is tempting to contemplate.

But lest we forget, we do have our own multi-millionaires on board now too.

The Man was encouraged to read this week that Sharon Turner had not ruled out putting more money into the club.

Come January, it may just be essential.

DARREN Huckerby wasn't the only Norwich City employee to offer frank views on the club's situation after our trip to the Black Country.

Following the Wolves 'game' last week The Man wondered round to the other side of the ground to wait for a lift.

I found myself waiting next to our team bus, where the club's bus driver - the one that looks like a cross between Rick Wakeman and Gus George - was in candid mood.

He told a gaggle of beauties in his sexy Midlands accent: “I was in a good mood before I had to watch that rubbish.

"If they are hitting it long all the time they aren't going to win anything.”

When he was quizzed on how Rusty played he was even more forthright.

“How the hell can we expect him to control a midfield when he can't even control his mobile phone?

“I had to drive back to the hotel after he left it there - that's another 20 minutes on the journey I could do without.

“I'm not looking forward to this trip back.”

It makes you wonder, Scunthorpe made their physio boss, maybe if it all goes wrong for Grant we could turn to our bus driver.

A FEW weeks ago The Man had a good old moan about the inflated price tags some footballers were being given.

One of those cited was Curtis Davies, whom West Brom had claimed to be worth £15m!

However, following the centre half's initial loan move to Villa, it appears he will eventually go for the far more reasonable fee of £10m...

For anyone who missed it, Davies made his Villa debut during the week. A 1-0 home defeat to Leicester; in which the new defender had a stinker. In fact, Davies himself said he performed like a "pub player" as MoN's team lost to Megson's hoofers.

It's just proof, in this day and age of loony transfer fees, even the best managers can get stung.

Fair play to WBA though, they sure as hell know how to get a decent fee for their players.

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