Norwich City could always stick Ian Culverhouse up front

Two week break for some meaningless – because it’s England – football and the perfect chance to suck it up. Look at that table. Think about where we were two years ago…

Or even 18 months, taking in Griffin and Huish Park. Looking at Blackpool having the time of their lives. That’s the easy bit. The hard one is looking forward.

Scunny, Swansea, Watford, Forest, I******, Derby, Pay Up Pompey and Coventry – eight games away from history and for some, City immortality.

One point at Hull could be the difference too. The Man was taken aback when Hull showed the kind of humour we enjoy back at Carra Rud.

There’s nothing better than repeated cries of “handball!” after the opposition have had a go, just to wind them up.

Only problem with the Humberside lot was that it actually was handball, and should have been a penalty.

It was the only noise of note The Man remembers from the entire home support all match. Cheering them all the way to the play-offs? Unlikely.

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• As much as we made the Ewes look like Real Madrid in that game down here a little while ago, The Man hopes Lambo is not on a mission to recreate it down here.

Clearly Lambinho has been scraping the barrel to get some overpaid chump to apparently “help us over the line”, as a lot of us have been asking.

Really, if we’re as far down the list that we’re asking Clive Platt to ruck up, I’d be happier to stick Ian Culverhouse in the number 23 shirt and let him get on with it alongside Holty up front.

• Clearly a lot goes on in the world of Twitter and football. It’s all a bit beyond The Man, who gets informed by others – happily saving any wasting of his own time.

The latest nugget comes from Ruddy (add random adjective), who said David James wouldn’t give young Declan Rudd his shirt after the Bristol City game.

“No time for that type of arrogance,” said Ruddy. Too right, although you don’t get 50-odd caps for England alongside the likes of Wayne Rooney, Ashley Cole and John Terry without it. And no David, that is not supposed to be a compliment.

• So Fraser Forster still has fond memories of these parts – good on the boy. He was top class down here and it was a shame at the time it didn’t last a bit longer.

But it must be said, the boy Ruddy has made The Man glad it ended when it did. City have got a young keeper – one we actually own – who is showing why those slips earlier in the season were freaks.

He’s been top drawer this half of the season and worth every penny.