Norwich City director's rebate pledge

Norwich City director Michael Foulger has pledged to match 'pound for pound' any money not claimed by season ticket holders entitled to a rebate - with every penny raised going to the playing budget.

Norwich City director Michael Foulger has pledged to match 'pound for pound' any money not claimed by season ticket holders entitled to a rebate - with every penny raised going to the playing budget.

As a result of relegation from the Championship, anyone who purchased their season ticket for the 2009-10 campaign before the first deadline is entitled to a 20 per cent rebate - while those who renewed later are entitled to a 10 per cent rebate.

Mr Foulger has written to the 18,376 loyal fans who have already signed up for next season spelling out his offer and appealing to them to consider not claiming their rebate.

All of the money not claimed by fans - together with Mr Foulger's matching contribution - will be added to the playing budget for next season, providing a major boost to boss Bryan Gunn as he sets about rebuilding and revitalising the Canary squad.

Included with Mr Foulger's letter was a form explaining to season ticket holders how much they are entitled to claim back and what to do if they do wish to take up the rebate. A deadline of Friday, June 19 has been set for fans wishing to claim.

Mr Foulger told the club's official website: "Of course every fan is perfectly entitled to claim their rebate - and to those that do we still offer our heartfelt thanks and appreciation for their loyalty and dedication in signing up for a season ticket for the 2009-10 campaign.

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"But if my fellow Canary fans can join me in making this extra gesture of support in these tough economic times, it will make a substantial difference to the strength of the playing squad Bryan Gunn and his staff can assemble to meet the challenges of League One football head-on.

"I will match every pound not claimed, effectively doubling the injection of cash into the football. Every penny of our money will go towards the playing budget, helping us to rebuild and maintain the squad next season.

"I'm doing this because myself and my family have always been supporters of the club and because we want to do everything we can to help build a passionate, committed and effective squad of players for next season and beyond.

"I wanted to commit substantial money from myself and my family this summer to help the club, to add to funds we have already put into the club over the years.

"I would like to say a heartfelt and sincere thank you to every season ticket holder, whether they claim their rebate or not, for their loyal support."

t The full text of Mr Foulger's letter to season ticket holders is as follows:


On behalf of myself and other board members, thank you very much for purchasing a 2009-10 season ticket and once again showing your fantastic support for the Canaries.

As a result of our relegation from the Championship, all those fans who purchased their season ticket before the first or second deadline are entitled to a rebate off the full price.

However the club is appealing to all season ticket holders to consider not claiming their rebate - for the benefit of the playing budget as we enter this crucial campaign in a difficult financial climate.

If everyone claims the rebate, it will amount to over �1,000,000. A significant figure which will make a vital and telling difference to our 2009-10 playing budget.

What I can assure you of is this...if you don't claim your rebate, every single penny not paid out to fans will be used for the playing squad.

As a director and lifelong fan of the Canaries I would like to take this one step further. I personally will match pound for pound the final total not claimed, with all the money going directly to football.

Relegation is a bitter pill to swallow for everyone who loves this club and we simply must improve. I can assure you significant changes are being made throughout the club to give us the best possible chance of building a brighter future for Norwich City.

You are of course entitled to claim the rebate on your season ticket and should you wish to do so, simply fill out the form enclosed with this letter and send it to us by Friday, June 19.

If we do not hear from you before this date we will assume you do not wish to claim the rebate - thank you, your continued support is very much appreciated.

If you have any further questions regarding the rebate please do not hesitate to contact one of our customer service representatives on 0844 826 1902.

On the Ball, City!

Michael Foulger

NCFC Director