Norwich City fans wrong to blame Sebastien Bassong for defeat at Newcastle

Sebastien Bassong reflects on Norwich City's defeat at Newcastle.

Sebastien Bassong reflects on Norwich City's defeat at Newcastle. - Credit: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd

Waking up Thursday morning, I wasn’t quite sure whether I had dreamt that Norwich had so dramatically thrown a 3-1 lead away or it really happened.

As the reality dawned, I turned again to Twitter to see if the madness of the night before had calmed down. No, was the answer.

It seems that the defeat was all down to one man – Sebastien Bassong. I know he hasn’t been a fans favourite for a while, but to blame our former Player of the Season, was going too far.

There were 10 other men on the field and not one of them could manage to hold onto the ball for the last two minutes of a ridiculously long period of time added on. In fact, our whole defence looked shaky from the start.

I feel for Bassong. As soon as the team was announced, Twitter was awash with comments that Norwich would lose because Bassong was playing and Klose and/or Bennett wasn’t. However, exactly the same was said before the Everton game.

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I agree that he has made mistakes in defence but so have all of our defenders one time or another. This season, on a number of occasions, we have been quite poor in defence – even with Klose and Bennett in the team.

After such elation following our win at home to Burton Albion on Saturday that took us top of the Championship, we were well and truly brought back down to earth with a massive bump. To say that the loss at the hands of Newcastle was hard to take is an understatement. It brought back memories of our heavy defeat at Newcastle last season as well as the 4-5 loss against Liverpool.

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As fans, we will get over this latest blip in the season. And it is a blip, nothing more. We have a good squad, with talented players and the Newcastle game will soon be forgotten. A couple of wins under our belt and I am sure that it will all be a distant memory, much like the Birmingham game a few weeks ago.

The players will pick themselves up and be ready for our trip to Wolves on Saturday. Molineux hasn’t been a happy hunting ground for us, but I am looking forward to seeing a change in our fortunes in this fixture.

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