Influential attacking role during action-packed day for City starlet

Jamal Lewis gets in a cross at The Den Picture: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd

Jamal Lewis gets in a cross at The Den Picture: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd - Credit: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd

Our latest Norwich City player watch kept a close eye on JAMAL LEWIS as the young left-back helped earn a hugely important 3-1 win at Millwall for the Championship leaders.

Jamal Lewis stands his ground as Millwall's Ben Thompson prepares for a heavy landing Picture Paul C

Jamal Lewis stands his ground as Millwall's Ben Thompson prepares for a heavy landing Picture Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd - Credit: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd

1 – Immediately closed down from the Norwich kick-off by Jed Wallace, manages to win a throw, soon after Wallace is in sharply again and wins the throw.

2 – Call for handball as Lewis stops Wallace’s cross coming in but referee isn’t interested and the youngster plays the ball down the line, Teemu Pukki closes down but the keeper clears.

4 – Wallace swings in a corner from the right and the giant Jake Cooper towers over the youngster at the back post, only for Ben Godfrey to clear off the line.

5 – Marco Stiepermann holds up well and gets Lewis away, who checks back but then gets Onel Hernandez moving forward.

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6 – Helps Emi Buendia keep a cleared corner alive with a nice double stepover away from Wallace.

8 – Quick kick from Millwall keeper Jordan Archer to try and find Lee Gregory on the counter but Lewis gets between ball and man then stays strong to win a foul and relieve the pressure.

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12 – Kenny McLean fouls Ben Thompson but with advantage being played Lewis comes across to make crucial tackle on Wallace and then the referee goes back to initial foul.

16 – Good switch from McLean gets him clear on the left but Wallace catches up and gets goal-side, keeps possession and Tom Trybull threads him again, turns inside to Hernandez, who exchanges one-two with Buendia, keeper saves but Stiepermann fires the loose ball in for 1-0.

21 – Stiepermann sets the 21-year-old away on the left but has two markers so has to turn back inside but finds Buendia.

24 – Nice poke through from Hernandez, the Northern Ireland international makes good progress and chips a ball back over the home defence to Hernandez, who plays back to Lewis and then McLean can’t pick out Pukki.

31 – Shane Ferguson swings in a cross from the left that Lewis steps across to deal with, awkward touch but Hernandez helps keep possession.

36 – Another nice pass from McLean gets him away but again Wallace and Mahlon Romeo double up and latter puts the ball out for a throw.

42 – Complete mismatch in the air again as Cooper climbs above him to win a Wallace corner from the right, Trybull hooks clear though.

45 – Blocks Romeo’s cross behind for a corner. Low from the left from Wallace, Steve Morison flicks on with an improvised back-heel and Shaun Williams nods in off the bar to equalise for Millwall.

46 – Difficult start to the half as misjudges a long ball and is beaten by Morison, wins the ball back on the floor, then turns away from Wallace and into a blind alley, eventually managing to get clear.

47 – Meredith swings over a cross from the left and Lewis stays strong to prevent Morison getting his head to the ball at the back post.

48 – Better, as Stiepermann sets him away on the left, low cross finds Pukki but with his back to goal and can’t thread Hernandez in.

51 – Poor from McLean, doesn’t stop Romeo crossing, Godfrey clears and Lewis tries to chest into space but needs Hernandez to help him get the ball clear as Millwall continue to push.

53 – Lovely back-heel from Emi Buendia and Lewis tries to thread the Argentine through straight away but Buendia thinks he’s offside so leaves it, when he was probably onside.

56 – Buendia plays him into the box, toe-poked cross has too much on it, Stiepermann keeps alive and Aarons’ cross just goes beyond the far post, with Lewis challenging the keeper hoping for a chance.

60 – Mclean spreads left, Lewis pushes forward with a stepover to push Wallace back, comes inside to find Hernandez, Aarons’ cross is headed away by Romeo. Lewis crosses from the throw but Millwall clear, then he’s penalised for fouling Thompson when in the air.

63 – Drives infield, tees up Buendia but attacker opts not to shoot and spreads left to McLean, who crosses and Lewis can’t get across the keeper in time after continuing his run.

65 – Pushes into space and is found by Buendia but then stands on the ball trying to beat Wallace.

68 – Stiepermann stumbles, Lewis keeps alive and crosses, evades everyone and Aarons wins a corner. Buendia sends over from the right and Christoph Zimmermann thumps a header in at the near post to reclaim the lead.

72 – Thompson gets around him but chases back and manages to hold up the midfielder, with McLean turning cross behind for a corner.

73 – Vital interception as Ferguson tries to turn him, but opts to stay safe and not chase forward with the game still so tight.

76 – Keeps pace with Romeo and turns cross behind for a corner.

88 – Replaced by Timm Klose

Verdict: Action-packed shift and in the thick of so many attacking moves, with parts to play in the build-up to City’s first two goals. Strangely seemed to be marking the tallest man on the pitch from set-pieces, unsuccessfully on the whole, but overall the usual positive display full of athletic ability and determination.

Rating: 7 out of 10

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