Norwich City need to look after their supporters

It is my view that football clubs need to demonstrate that they really care for their lifelong fans, even in a world of cold economic supply and demand.

They call the Premier League the best league in the world, but I feel it is fast losing its charm. Had Norwich City not gained promotion I would still have limited interest in this league with the belief that the Championship is a much better league to watch.

Don’t get me wrong, I am glad we are now a part of it and all the rewards that come with it, but with the Championship you know the only person who is going to win big money is always going to be the bookies as anyone can really beat anyone. In the Premier League even before one ball is kicked you know pretty much which of the three ‘mini leagues’ you are likely to finish in.

The money has damaged the league with players or their agents demanding bigger and bigger wage packets. Do you really turn in to that much of a better player just because your team have moved up one league? For example Steven Smith’s possible move to Aberdeen fell through all because he gained a pay rise.

When are clubs going to remember that although they are in the world’s richest league your fanbase is those who have followed you with good and bad times and before the TV cash rolled in?

With Delia telling us from the balcony of City Hall how this club is now financially stable I would like to know that at a time when many supporters are counting the pennies, why clubs are looking for even more ways to gain extra cash. With ticket prices at some grounds priced at �50 a ticket, how can you have a family day out?

Clubs even find ways such as almost doubling the price for parking your car! I would ask clubs to remember the situation of supporters, some of many years standing, at a time when incomes are being squeezed by essential costs such as rent, food, energy supplies and transport to get to work if you are lucky enough to have a job.

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We at Norwich City have some amazing supporters who know how to travel in numbers, whilst at a personal level, I can no longer go to away games due to work commitments. In week one of this season just look at the three new clubs. Norwich took 4,500 (sell out) away to Wigan, Swansea only 2,500 taken to Man City and QPR only managed a 15,000 crowd at home - that’s some 5,000 less than Norwich have in season ticket holders.

I appeal to the club to ensure that they look after their supporters. They are special. Some of the changes do not even appear to have a financial gain. To give one example, why can the club no longer hold a season ticket holder’s seat for just a few days for midweek cup games? Fans like to be with those they sit with during the league matches.