Opposition view: Unpredictable Cherries have stayed true to Eddie Howe’s beliefs

England striker Callum Wilson has scored five goals for Bournemouth so far this season Picture: Adam

England striker Callum Wilson has scored five goals for Bournemouth so far this season Picture: Adam Davy/PA Wire - Credit: PA Archive/PA Images

Ahead of today’s game on the south coast, Norfolk-based Bournemouth fan Neil Perry is cautiously confident about his team’s chances of victory

10th and with 11 points in the bag from eight games, happy with the start to the season?

I think anything much above that and I would have been pleasantly surprised, but anything much below that I would have been disappointed. It will be so congested in mid-table this season I can see us bouncing between 'top 10 challengers' and 'relegation candidates' all year.

Eddie Howe may have had a decent bit of money to spend over the years but he's still done a top job establishing Bournemouth in the Premier League, do you expect him to move to a bigger club eventually?

The time will come when a club the next level up will come calling, but you do question who that could be. Unless there is a significant change in fashion I don't see one of the top six taking a 'risk' on a young English manager. For me the tipping point may be is if Eddie ever feels he has taken the club as far as he can with such a tiny stadium.

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Last season only the top six scored more than Bournemouth's 56, yet 70 were conceded, is that proof that an attacking style does earn enough points over the course of the season?

It has worked for us so far in the Premier League, but that is also coupled with the mentality of not panicking when a run of results go against us. I'm sure there are plenty of other clubs in the league who would have ditched their manager several times over during runs that we've experienced over the last few years. I always have hope that the next result is just around the corner, even if we've just 'done a Bournemouth' and let in four goals against a bang average opponent completely out of the blue.

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Norwich are striving to replicate that success, what would you say is key to becoming established in the top flight?

I just hope they can maintain their confidence and stay true to their principles even if a significant run of results go against them. They started the season with a real swagger, and they need to try and reclaim some of that. Bournemouth have always added a couple of new players each season that are always intended to be upgrades on what we already have. I just hope Norwich don't panic over Christmas and spend money on players who don't really fit what they've tried to do. However, if they can hold off regaining that confidence until after Saturday, that would be grand.

Liverpool loanee Harry Wilson has impressed for the Cherries Picture: Adam Davy/PA Wire

Liverpool loanee Harry Wilson has impressed for the Cherries Picture: Adam Davy/PA Wire - Credit: PA Archive/PA Images

Which players have impressed for the Cherries so far this season?

I would love us to sign Harry Wilson permanently and he's really added something different to what we have. Callum Wilson is an obvious one but he has started really strongly and I just hope we can hold on to him when larger clubs panic in the winter transfer window and need a goal scorer.

And which areas of the team do you feel need to be improved?

I do still worry about our defence and goalkeeper. Aaron Ramsdale has come in and done okay in goal, but he is going to need a real run in the team to establish himself as a top level keeper. He will certainly get a lot of practice behind our defence! We've also needed a better back up striker to Wilson for the last couple of years, and I am optimistic that Dom Solanke will get a chance to do that. The problem for him though is it's a little like a striker coming in at Spurs and knowing full well they'll only get to play if Harry Kane is injured.

Are you wary of a Norwich reaction, after their 5-1 loss to Villa?

Very! They are a little like us in a way, as we are notoriously hard to predict. Who would have thought Villa could have done that to Norwich? I would be more worried if it was a full strength Norwich side, but they have so many important players out I am feeling fairly confident. Which probably means you'll score a hat full.

And finally, what is your prediction?

I would go for a 3-1 win for the Cherries. We're still to keep a clean sheet this season, and I don't see that changing any time soon.

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