Norwich City’s battle between good and evil

Forget New Labour versus old – Norwich City is staging its own tantrum between tradition and change. This week summed it up good and proper.

It’s like a relentless battle between good – our newfound quality and assuredness under Lambo – and evil – all those gifts to winless teams and bottom of the table opponents past.

If The Man had bee a Hull fan 12 months ago [gulp] the major disappointment of staying in the Premier League and Norwich being relegated would have obvious... another 12 months before a trip to Carrow Road could end their shocking away record. We didn’t manage any better with our one-off in the “Promised Land” of course, but when a team arrives here without a win in any competitive football match outside the mud flats that make up Humberside in 18 months or so, no Norwich side will fail to lose. End of. Tradition one-up and cruising.

So who better to roll into Carrow Road next than the team sitting bottom of the Chumpionship, days after being smashed 6-1 by a club who only have about 12 players – an average of one squad number per �10m of debt. Pay up Pompey. What unravelled on Tuesday night was an epic. Our traditional ability to help out any struggling club with a few bonus points infected the rear end (apt) – Lambo’s instilled drive and desire kept chipping away at the other. Wes was magic, Crofts top dog.

The Man still doesn’t think we’ve played well yet, this season. But if we keep winning, it doesn’t matter.

• NCISA put on their annual party piece last week with their AGM, where McGnarly finally confirmed how grim things got financially.

Too late for too many recriminations obviously, but the chief’s performance was impressive to watch. You don’t imagine anyone getting the better of him, yet he knows how to charm his way through a room. Seem’s like that’s paid off with the banks too.

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• So Korey’s made it to 50 games – in that time the guy’s been a star. Yes he makes mistakes, picks the wrong option, overruns the ball. But he recovers it – meaning all the good stuff he does counts. He runs so much he’d make Hucks feel lethargic.

A mention for Drury too – best goal he’s scored this side of 2005.

• We already know in these parts Stephen Bywater’s a bit of an idiot – his spell at I****** proves it – but even The Man was impressed by his recent efforts as an artist.

In the end, he had to sell off his ‘work’ from the garden because neighbours complained it was an eyesore. Who would have thought a blow-up doll and used mattress could be used to such creative effect?