Norwich City’s fantastic start to 2012

Seven points from the league games in January with two of the three matches being away from home is very acceptable.

The comprehensive win against Burnley was available for families to enjoy together at a very reasonable cost. Those youngsters attending are part of the necessary planning for a secure future fan base.

The first part of the season saw players having to adjust to what was an entirely new experience of playing in the Premier League against some of the acknowledged best footballers in the World. It was also the first time that week after week our management team have had to pit their wits against very experienced and successful managers who consider the Premier League as their normal bread and butter.

After promotion the euphoria can provide you with a kick start as happened with Blackpool last season. However this alone will not see you survive the pressure of a full season at this level of football.

What strikes me this January is that Norwich City have a growing confidence and belief in their play that they can hold their own against many teams in this league. Remember these are the same players who overcame that unwelcome start of the season with a series of penalties being awarded, some of a most dubious nature.

Chatter in the Lower Barclay on Saturday before the Chelsea game was not about losing but could we take more than one point. This was not to deny the fact that the Chelsea team was full of outstanding talent and experience which cost a fortune in transfer fees and wages.

The positive approach to the match was based on fans seeing the growing confidence of the team and an incredible team spirit and willingness to play themselves to a standstill for each other. To this add the skill and detailed planning by Paul Lambert and his coaching staff to widen the tactical options available to meet the changing needs during a game and the strengths and weaknesses of opponents.

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Paul Lambert’s regular public expression of his belief in the playing squad has rubbed off on the fans. He also reminds us again and again that the objective this season is to be playing Premier League football in August 2012.

He calls on us to stick together so that we build on what has been achieved in a magical two and a half years. The fiction of ‘Roy Of The Rovers’ hardly stands in comparison with the success seen at Norwich City since Paul Lambert and David McNally came to the club.

I can see that sometime in a future year I may not be able to afford to renew my long held season ticket at Carrow Road but the 10% increase for next season is a necessary contribution by fans to help Norwich City become an established Premier League team.