‘Has to be a wind up!’ – Norwich fans dismiss radio claim for Farke to be sacked from supposed City supporter

An unexpected radio debate saw a caller claiming to be a Norwich City fan asking for head coach Dani

An unexpected radio debate saw a caller claiming to be a Norwich City fan asking for head coach Daniel Farke, left, to be replaced by former Canaries boss Chris Hughton, right Picture: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images - Credit: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd

Many Norwich City fans have been angered by a supposed supporter who left former Canaries striker Chris Sutton ‘staggered’ after calling for head coach Daniel Farke to be replaced by Chris Hughton.

The lively debate on BBC Radio Five Live's regular phone-in show 606 even saw Sutton question whether the supporter, named only as Oliver, was actually an Ipswich Town fan.

The claim that Farke should be dismissed just eight games into the Premier League season, so soon after inspiring a Championship title triumph, was laughed off by most City supporters. Here's how the discussion unfolded - and some of the best Twitter responses...

Oliver: It is time to change the manager, I think.

Sutton: Are you a real Norwich fan, or are you Ipswich?

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Oliver: I am a real Norwich fan. You go into the Premier League knowing you have to win games and at the moment two wins isn't really good enough at this level for us now.

Sutton: What? Did you go to the game against Manchester City?

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Oliver: I did. That was probably the greatest victory that we've had in the whole of our history.

Sutton: So the man who masterminded that victory against a brilliant Manchester City side, three weeks later you want him out and Chris Hughton in?

Oliver: Chris Hughton one hundred percent, he should come in now.

Former Canaries striker Chris Sutton now works as a football pundit in the mdeia Picture: Archant li

Former Canaries striker Chris Sutton now works as a football pundit in the mdeia Picture: Archant library

Sutton: Really?

Oliver: It's partly the defensive problems but obviously with all the injuries we're having that's obviously a massive problem and I understand without the first team squad, I understand it's going to be tricky against fully fit Premier League teams that have a good squad.

Sutton: I'm absolutely staggered with this. So Daniel Farke, the brand of football played which last season was phenomenal. Am I missing something? Are Norwich cut adrift at the bottom?

The last couple of weeks haven't been great and they've got issues defensively but surely a man who has been such a success as a manager, you've described it as the greatest ever victory in the history of the club, a couple of weeks ago, deserves a bit of time to sort out what's going on?

And the fact that Norwich have gone up and not like Aston Villa and spent £130million, said we're not going to spend, we're going to do it our way. A couple of wins already in the first few games. Come on Oliver!

Oliver: Have you guys seen many Norwich games this season?

Sutton: Yes, I have.

Oliver: Okay, so you understand the frustration where the defence is totally letting us down. In the Premier League you have to score goals. Many Norwich fans that I was speaking to before the international break were agreeing that maybe it's time to change the manager.

Sutton: Oh, come on!

Oliver: No, seriously, those fans should come on and speak to you about it because it is time to change the manager because the football he's playing is Championship style, he's not playing Premier League football.

Sutton (laughing): What?! I really don't get this, at all, how can you sit there and say that was Norwich's greatest ever moment and then a few weeks later say you want the guy sacked? That's utter madness.

It's such a short term, ridiculous, attitude. The guy's produced miracles, he's spent no money. He will understand that he has to improve things defensively. So you're saying he doesn't deserve the chance to do that, Oliver?

Oliver: He could have a couple more games in him, maybe two or three, but after that if he doesn't get the results I think it's time to change it up, 100 percent time to change it up, get someone who knows how to lead a team from the bottom, where Brighton were, to survival in the Premier League, like Chris Hughton did.

Sutton: What did you make of the brand of football at Norwich under Chris Hughton?

Oliver: Not very good.

Sutton: So you now want a manager who, last time he managed Norwich, in your words, played a not very good brand of football, to replace Daniel Farke, who a few weeks ago had the greatest ever victory in Norwich history.

Oliver: But I think he will learn from the style of football he played the last time he was at Norwich, I think that's what's going to make him a better manager if he comes into Norwich this time.

Sutton: I think you're alone with this, Oliver, get your friends who want Daniel Farke out to call in.

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