Not a guy to mess with, our CEO

The Man In The Stands Lesson of the week - you don't mess with McGnarly.Of course, we already knew that. We've seen his Lex Luthor ways. Colchester, Walsall - they know. Even the banks.

The Man In The Stands

Lesson of the week - you don't mess with McGnarly.

Of course, we already knew that. We've seen his Lex Luthor ways. Colchester, Walsall - they know.

Even the banks. They got the treatment late last year, both from DM and Alan Bowkett.

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It's almost bad cop/bad cop, those two.

So considering we usually need our already famous owner to drunkenly blurt out slogans at half-time to earn any national coverage, the News of the Screws were probably stuck behind the times.

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Dear Marti Hardy was probably hidden away thinking Doomcaster was still sitting in the chief chair, still tapping out his 25,000 emails to fans every week - when he wasn't busy driving to Wales to chase a new signing already on his way to another club, of course.

No, Mr Hardy. Normally you'd be fine to get away with 'exclusively' revealing my club is going down the financial swanny.

Normally you'd get away with confusing your NCFCs - but The Man doesn't expect McGnarly to let this bone go for a long time to come.

There are no millions to be had here - we're going up against Murdock and co, after all. But the irony is we really are well and truly broke, so anything is better than nothing. If only for the 10 hours of annoyance that threatened to spoil The Man's jubilation off the back of Saturday.

An atmosphere like that at Brentford is a perfect storm. It doesn't happen very often, but when it does it's simply too good.

The Man is finding it hard not to look for when our invincible form is going to end - you know, this 'bad run' we're waiting for.

But maybe we had it in those first three games? Maybe we're the League One equivalent to Arsenal - we might not lose another game.

With Lambo in charge, given everything he's done so far, anything's possible.

t The Man is loving the fact our football is doing the talking.

The perfect example was against the Ewes of course, but even the Walsall boys seemed to have fancied themselves rather a lot given they're rubbish.

Having spouted that we ran off scared when Walsall tried to make us play on a frozen pitch, this time Troy Deeney was busy telling us before Tuesday that “as a team Norwich have some good attacking players but that's about it”.

And apparently, Troy, that's more than enough.

t Less than a week to go before we can bugger up our season by selling someone and The Man is surprisingly calm.

Not because there's no interest - there are rumblings Middlesbrough's eyes are still fixed on Littl' Wes, while Super Chrissy Martin has fans higher than that.

But is anyone actually going to be able to offer enough money to take them away anyway?

Everyone else is broke too, so The Man can't see it - and that, my friends, is good news.

Especially on Super Chris. The timing of Roedent's sacking will always be a success because it came before he had the chance to sell the lad to Luton.

His new contract is well deserved and, for The Man, he's been an absolute star all season. Keep it up, Chris.

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