Nothing average about this Norwich City side

It may be The Man is getting long in the tooth but everything seems to be the referee’s fault these days.

Having been there, studied the replays, got tired, then had another look, there’s still no sign of these fouls Sheffield United boss Micky Adams whinged about.

And given the bizarre list of goals we’ve had chalked off in the past for fouls you’d need a snickometer to find, that’s just the way it is Micky. Deal with it.

As for making us look average? I think we did a pretty good job of that ourselves. And we STILL won.

• The Man admits his heart sank at news Crystal Palace plan to leave Hellhurst Park. No, not out of any misplaced feeling of nostalgia losing out on that feeling of being trapped in a corrugated iron shack fit for sheep.

But that we still have to wait for them to build somewhere new before we can scrub the dump off our list of places ‘not fit for human consumption’.

Jordan and whoever, just move to the tin pot athletics stadium next door this weekend. It’s already better than what you’ve got.

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• Dear old Crofty – not to be confused with Croftsy – seems to be feeling the pinch. Proud winner of “player of the season” when we went down, the boy tripped off to Derby quick sharp at the thought of a wet Wednesday in Wycombe.

But their boss, Nigel “Clough”, is no longer a fan of Worthy’s 2006 number one signing.

Lee was probably grateful when he did eventually sample the doldrums thanks to six months at Huddersfield with the Rodent’s managerial life support, Lee Clark. But all he achieved was one start and one dig.

Team-mate Anthony Pilkington voted him their worst dressed player: “He is terrible, anyone who knows him will understand. All his gear is too tight for him and it’s just shocking.”

Clark simply said: “Lee couldn’t get to the level I know he is capable of… it just hasn’t happened for him here.”

It’s unclear to The Man whether Clark is talking about Crofty’s football or clothing, but the point probably works for both.

• There was plenty to enjoy about the Binners’ road to Carling Cup exit. Arsenal played their part. They clearly couldn’t have cared less about the first leg, and left them an extra 15 minutes at half-time at the Emirates to think it might just happen.

And then they went and did what was barely necessary and put away a bog-standard Chumpionship side.

The Man hopes I****** now spend hours concentrating on the league. In particular, the current table. Off you go.

• Andy Gray sacked in sexism shock. Honestly, who would have thought ex-footballers were sexist? Unbelievable…