One more sweet Chumpionship point in the Norwich City coffers

One thing was clear from Saturday: Cardiff’s cheap travel offer for a trip down here didn’t go down well.

This is why football is in a state. Presumably the Cardiff board are slugging millions of pounds and running the risk of screwing up the club so they can make some money... because it’s obviously not for their huge support.

At least the travel company involved would have been relieved. Doubt they lost much money on sending just the one coach across the country.

Had we not taken a point from that game it would have been a travesty, if only for that ‘work-rate’ we take for granted so much. One top drawer save from Ruddy marvellous. One Rusty ‘not good enough for the Chumpionship?’ Martin. One more point in the bag.

Now you’re going to believe us, we’re seriously in the hunt.

And given the numbers that came up at the AGM on Tuesday, we could do with it coming off.

• Not only is Ian Wright an old man and cringeworthy TV presenter – he’s also trying to blow our nasty image.

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Speaking in the oracle that is The Sun, he said: “Paul is a good mate of mine as we used to share a car on the way to Celtic training. You will not meet a nicer man in the world.” McGnarly will have to have a word. We can’t have that.

I’m sure Lambo is a legend to share a car with. And you’d hope Ian Wright Wright Wright was... er... right... with the rest of his tabloid prose too.

“I am not sure he would need all the stick he would get by walking into the job at West Ham, so I’d be worried if he took the position if it was offered. I’d rather see him get Norwich in the Prem or wait for another job.”

That’s because anyone would be stupid to ruck up at Upton Park.

• Good on Cody Mac for showing he can cut it down in League Two.

The Man has always liked our number one scaffolder. Question is, what will happen to the boy next season? Obviously he’s making sure it will be playing football.

And you hope he gets another shot at it down here.

• Given our own pathetic jitters over Lambo, riled Roy’s departure down south seemed to slip through the net.

How dare the binners spoil our fun. Or maybe they won’t?

They see Paul Jewell’s good times with Bradford a decade ago. And we’ve got him to thank for Wigan ‘gracing’ the Premier League.

But The Man prefers the disasters at Sheffield Wednesday and Derby, and his News of the Screws cameo.

At least I****** know his assistant Chris Hutchings will take over when Jewell walks.

Something else to look forward to then. After all, Hutchings knows League One like the back of his hand.